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What were some changes that occurred because of December 7 1941 at Pearl Harbor?

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September 13, 2011 5:11PM

The changes that came about were immediate and profound,just like the ones after 9/11. America was an isolationist nation before the attack on Pearl Harbor. England with grit and fortitude and the leadership of Winson Churchill had been fighting Nazism since September of 1939, and barely hanging in. We had been covertly supplying Britton with war material for some time and a few of our pilots were flying for the Royal Air Force. Churchill wanted the us involved, but Americans thought that it was England's fight and were glad that we were not involved in another war in Europe. On that Sunday in November Japan probably lost World War 2. when she bombled Pearl. A righous anger filled the American people and was channeled to our production lines where everone able put their hands to work to fight Japan with endless supplies of war materials. Every bomb,airplane,bullit,or grenade was built with a fury that said -- This if for You Japan!! In the end Japan was a smouldering ruin of a nation because of their obstinant militarist that refused to surender until it was too late to make peace. I only wish that our people today would respond in unity against terrorist like our parents did against Japan. Remember Japan was much mightier than the pip-squeek Ben Laden.