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Medieval jobs included the following: farmer, butcher, baker, chandler, monk, guard, tax collector, stone mason, carpenter, thatcher, weaver, spinster, potter, knight, teacher, scribe, reeve, inn keeper, cook, washer, butler, professional poet, troubadour, and steward.

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Q: What were some jobs in the Middle Ages?
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What was an apprentice's job in the Middle Ages?

some apprentice jobs in the middle ages were a blacksmith, gold,smith, baker, mill worker, candle maker. Those were just some basic jobs.

What were the jobs of a serf in the Middle Ages?

the jobs of a serf in the middle ages are craftsmen,bakers,farmers,and tax collecters.

What were medical jobs in the middle ages?


What jobs were there in the middle ages?

there were jobs like mine cleaning and slavery work

What jobs did peasants have in the middle ages?

Farming, reparing

What jobs did a barber do in the middle ages?

eat cheese

What kind of jobs did the people in the middle ages did?

They did farming (for peasants).

Middle ages jobs that country people did?

Mainly farming.

What was the hardest job in Middle Ages?

Most jobs were very hard in the Middle Ages, but probably one of the hardest was being a serf.

What jobs did rich people do in the middle ages?

watch the servants as they worked and had jobs as knights,Barons and lords.

Which weapons were used in the Middle Ages?

See: What are some weapons used in the middle ages?

Were jobs in middle ages boring?

Not most of them. But they could be disgusting or hard work.

What kind of jobs did children do in the middle ages?

to grow up and mature and be adults

What were jobs of a knight in the middle ages?

to keep th eking/queen safe

What jobs did parish priests do in the middle ages?

"Parish priest" is a job.

What weapons were used in the Middle Ages?

See the question: What are some weapons used in the middle ages?

Jobs for peasents during the middles ages?

Peasents jods during the middle ages were sweeping streets and cleaning chimneys

What useful jobs did monasteries do in the middle ages?

a useful job that the monasteries did were they were a school and a hospital

What are the Dutch's jobs in middle ages?

They have farming nursing makin cloth and went huntig

What are the vassals jobs in the Middle Ages?

Vassals were lords who watched over land in the middle ages, vassals were appointed by a more powerful lord.....I hope this helps answer your question, if it doesn't, sorry

What are the priest jobs in Middle Ages?

priests usually worked in churches,villages,towns,or cities performed prayer for people as needed.Also priests were a part of daily life in the middle ages.

Could a women read or write in the middle ages?

Some women were literate in the middle ages, but very few.

What are some middle ages words that start with x?

x words xmas is for christmas in the middle ages christmas

3 jobs a peasant man might have to do in the middle ages?

cooking, farming, and being mades

Why if you were poor in the middle ages you could not become rich?

because they didn't have jobs and they wasn't educated