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The American Revolution is unique in history because Americans had to invent their country and create a national sense from scratch. The most important political issue following the war was to create a national government. The Articles of Confederation was little more than an alliance of states, all with similar problems to solve. But, it held the nation together until the Constitution was written and ratified. Another issue was limiting the power of the national government and doing away with privilege. To that fact, state constitutions were written by assemblies elected by the voters, not by legislatures. The power of the executive branch was limited because of the fear of the power that royal governors had over the colonies. Another important issue was admitting new states into the union. The western lands had to be organized and governments established. It was to the credit of the Articles of Confederation that it was decided that new states would enter the union with the same powers as the original 13 states. Another major issue was getting the nation on a firm economic footing. That would result in Hamilton's financial plan under the Constitution and during the terms of George Washington. Shays's Rebellion in Massachusetts would point out the need for economic reform. MrV

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Q: What were some of the major political issues following the American Revolution?
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Which of the following concepts influenced British political leaders to avoid passing laws to address issues such as pollution and workplace safety early in the Industrial Revolution?

Laissez-faire economics.

The Russian Revolution of 1905 had its roots in?

The Russian revolution of 1905 had its roots in the Russo-Japanese War and economic and political issues.

What were the political Issues during the American Civil War?


What are the seven issues that led to the American Revolution?

the 7 issues that led to the American Revolution are: sugar act, quartering act, stamp act, townshend act, Boston massacre, Boston tea party, intollerable acts.

Why do American political parties take middle road issues?

Because most of the American electorate is centrist

Which of the following made the Declaration of Independence a political document?

It identified and focused on principles and issues that would unify the various colonial groups.

What influenced the opinion of the average colonial American on political issues of the day?


What is green revalution?

The Green Revolution is a political and social movement where people are starting to get more conserned about the environmental issues.

What issues were important to both sides of the American Revolution?

There were many issues that were important to both the Americans and the British during the American Revolution. Both sides were fighting for control of the colonies. The British felt that the colonies could help them get out of their financial slump following the French and Indian War. However, the Americans felt that without gaining control over their colonies they could not afford to stay in the United States.

All of the following statements characterize public knowledge about major political issues except?

Answer this question… Most Americans tend to use strong ideological beliefs to filter information on major political issues.

What is the Society of the Cincinnati known for today?

The Study of the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and Veteran' issues.

Why was the capital of South Carolina moved from Charleston to Columbia following the American Revolution?

A more central location was needed because Upcountry residents objected to having to travel so far to present issues to the legislature.

When did the American Revolution ends?

The American Revolution was a political battle fought against Britain during which America rejected the rule of Britain's Parliament. The war ended in 1781, with Britain removing any claims it has on the United States in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. The basic issues of national governance were settled with the unanimous ratification in 1788 of the Constitution of the United States.

What were some social and political issues facing American Indians today?

American Indians are faced with problems of improving health and education delivery systems. They are also faced with the problem of increasing political participation.

The first American political parties developed out of what primarily?

The first American political parties developed out of the primarily concern of keeping the government in check. Most people did not agree with certain issues and government policies.

What issues was important to both sides of the American revolution?

partisan warfare, taxes, who the colonies would belong too

What effects did the American Revolution have on women and slaves?

Women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children.

What was an issue for the british army at the beginning of the American Revolution?

This can not be answered. We don't know the issues given in your test or worksheet.

What does a military revolution mean?

Generally speaking, a military revolution removes the power of government from that country's political leaders and installs military leaders as the new "governing" body. Many times this is temporary until political leaders who by and large agree with the military's positions on key issues are installed as the "new" political leaders.

What effect did the American revolution have on the role of women in society?

women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children.

What effect did the American Revolution have on the role of women in society-?

Women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children

What effect did the american revolution on the role of women in society?

women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their childern

What are political views?

what you think the political issues should be about.

What did John Galt do to be famous?

John Galt was a Scottish novelist, entrepreneur, and political and social commentator. He was the first novelist to deal with the issues of the industrial revolution, he has been called the first political novelist in the English language.

Do you think the American Revolution would have occurred if Britain had not taxed the colonies?

Given adequate time, other issues would have arisen.