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The five colonies of the

British Empire were: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Newfoundland

The rest were basically imperial provinces. The only place actually defined as an empire was India. The British monarch was crowned Emperor/Empress of India.

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What empire was located in the midst of the English colonies?

The British Empire was made up of all the British Colonies.

What is a centralized empire?

A centralized empire is a vast empire that has a single base power and several colonies. A strong example of this is the British empire. The British empire was ruled by the British parliament and Queen of England, however it had several colonies that made up the empire.

What was not a part of the British empire?

All non British, countries, colonies, territories or protectorates were not part of the British Empire.

Did the British empire help the colonies?

yes it did i gave the british power and make it easy for the colonies to fight the battles

Which continent did the British empire have colonies in?

The British had colonies in North America, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia.

When the British empire was at its height which continents had British colonies?

At the British Empires Height it had colonies on EVERY continent in the world!!!! That is why there is a phrase saying "The sun never sets on the British Empire" that phrase was obviously said because there was always a piece of land which was controlled by the British empire in sunlight

How many colonies did the British Empire have in total?


When did thirteen American colonies break from the British empire?

The 13 American colonies split from the British empire with the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was signed on July 4, 1776.

How did the British Empire treat its colonies in the South Pacific differently from its colonies in India?

it allowed the colonies to become their own countries as a part of the British Commonwealth

The thirteen colonies only trade with countries outside the british empire?

No. They only traded with those within the british empire.

Policy of taking colonies and building an empire?

A policy of taking colonies and building an empire is known as imperialism. An example of imperialism would be the former British Empire.

Colonies of Britain?

The British empire had many colonies. Some of them had been penal colonies. For example, there are America and Australia.

What are charter colonies?

one of the three types of colonies that existed in the British Empire during its heyday.

What evidence is there that New Zealand was part of the British empire?

There is no longer a British Empire (if there ever was such a body). New Zealand is a member of The Commonwealth, a group of nations many but not all of which were former colonies. Some members never were British Colonies.

Why the sun never set on the british empire?

the sun never set on the british empire because britain had many colonies around the world.

What was the motive for the French to establish colonies in Southeast Asia?

To match the growth of the British Empire</zzz> They feared the growing strength of the British Empire.

Why did the American colonies declare independence from british empire?

to suck up

What do the British empire and the American colonies have in common?

they were both in the revolutionary war

How did the colonies of the British empire benefit from British rule?

I can direct this answer to the American colonies of the British Empire. The most important benefits of being part of the British empire involved security and trade. Any serious military threats from such nations as Spain or France were negated by the American colonists by the armed forces of Great Britain. Also, sea trade was also protected by the vast navy of the British empire.

What were the countries in the British colony?

If you mean the British colonies in America, they were the 13 original states. If you mean the colonies of the British Empire, there were over 50 of them, too many to list here.

Why did the American colonies declare their independence from british empire?

Some of the reasons the American colonies declared their independence from the British empire:The colonists were heavily taxedColonists had no say in their own affairsParliament made their laws

Who was a Self governing empire in british empire?

There have been a few different Self-governing colonies in the British Empire. One that comes to mind is Southern Rhodesia, known today as Zimbabwe.

Is new imperialism a feature of the British Empire?

Not currently. New Imperialism was a policy of the British Empire from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. The British Empire set up many colonies throughout Africa during that time.

Who controlled trade within the colonies of the british empire?

wealthy landowners and merchants

Which countries participate in COMMON WEALth games?

counteries which were colonies of british empire

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