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The invaders of the Roman Empire pillaged the areas they invaded. This was common in those days.

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Who invaded ancient rome?

Barbarians. Huns. Rumored fall of rome

What are the release dates for Barbarians - 2004 The Huns?

Barbarians - 2004 The Huns was released on: USA: 20 January 2004

Who were the barbarians that conquered rome?

Vandals, Gaul's, Huns, and Visigoths.

What did atilla lead?

Attila led a force of barbarians called the Huns.

Who were the invaded that destroyed Rome in AD 455?

The Huns, barbarians as in e-40s song? youra barbarian, a savage xD yeah its barbarians:/

What event does the movie Mulan cover?

Fight with Huns invading China

Which invading people caused turmoil in Europe during the 800s?

The Huns and Magyars. Their descendants are the Hungarians.

Why did so many gerrmanic tribes begin invading the roman empire?

The Germanic tribes began encroaching and invading the Roman empire because they, in turn, were being pushed out of their traditional lands by the invading Huns from Mongolia.

Which Germanic group invading southern Europe originated from central Asia?

the huns with a leader call Attila

Why did the visigoths move into the roman empire?

The Visigoths wanted the escape the Huns who were invading their territory. They asked the Romans for sanctuary.

Are hun warriors japanese or Chinese?

The Huns were a nomadic Mongol tribe of central Asia. They moved into eastern Europe during and after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Equated with barbarians or invaders from the east, German soldiers in World War I were widely referred to as "Huns."

Why did so many Germanic tribes being invading the Roman Empire?

Germanic tribes began invading the Roman Empire in an effort to flee from the Huns, the Various Germanic people pushed into Roman Lands.

What was the government system of the ancient Huns?

they got it from the Chinese to let all the woman do it

Who were ancient China's allies and enemies?

Enemies: Mongolians, Huns Allies:Russia, Koreans

How were the germanic tribes different to the huns?

They were different in so many ways. The 'true' Huns were generally of Asian (Mongol) or Turkic origin while the German tribes were Germanic. The Huns often fought on horseback as archers while the Germans preferred foot.

What invention allowed the huns to use their weapons while riding horses?

The invention that was introduced to the Huns was, a Stirrup. Hoped it helped <3

Why did the government limit the number of barbarians entering the empire at any one time?

The Huns were sweeping the west from the central plains of Asia, conquering everyone in their path, so they wanted to protect Rome.

Why Shi Huang wanted to connect the defensive walls into became the Great Wall of China?

When the Huns were invading China, he made a giant wall visible from space. He used the wall as a defence and attack from the Huns. There are also differient places to guard and attack- like on the tower Simintai

Who was a foe of the Romans?

The Romans had many foes. Such as the Gauls, Germans, Britons, Carthaginians, Persians, Huns, Numidians, Egyptians, the Greek city states and many small barbarians kingdoms like the Visigoths and Vandals.

What is a four letter word for German?

Huns is the plural of a derogatory word used for Germans during the First and Second World Wars, used to liken the German nation to the ancient barbarian group known as the Huns.

What are 5 things the Greeks liked about Herules?

I don't think the Greeks liked the Herules.In the Byzantine army were bands of barbarians, Huns, Herules, Goths or others who were bound by treaty to provide the empire with military units.

Who was the ruler of the huns?

The ruler of the Huns is Attila

Who was the leader of the Huns who conquered Rome?

The Huns didn't conquer rome, the Visgoths did.. But the leader of the Huns was Atilla

Why did the Italians want to build Venice?

Venice has existed since the fall of Rome. It was formed when citizens of nearby cities banded together to create a defended community against the invading Huns and Germans.

Were the Gupta weakened by the invasion of the Huns?

White Huns