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to keep indochina from going communist. It was part of the domino theory

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Q: What were the countries involved in Vietnam fighting for?
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What countries were involved in the Cambodian war?

No foreign countries were involved with Cambodia, other than the over flow of fighting from North/South Vietnam & the US during the Vietnam War. Nearly all of the fighting within Cambodian consists of rebel/communist factions from within the country.

What major countries were involved in Vietnam War?

The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

What countries were fighting in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam/VC vs allies

What three countries were involved in the vietnam war?

The US , North and South Vietnam .

Who were the 2 main countries involved in the combat in Vietnam?

The US and North Vietnam .

How did countries start becoming involved in the Vietnam War?

Europe had the North Atlantic Teaty Organization (NATO), Asia had the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). The allies fighting in Vietnam were part of SEATO.

What location did the Vietnam war occur?

In Vietnam, which is a medium-sized country to the south of China. Vietnam was divided into two countries, North Vietnam, which was Communist, and South Vietnam, which was a highly unstable Capitalist dictatorship. The worst of the fighting happened down at the southern end and involved the Americans and communist rebels in the south, who were known as the Viet Cong. There was also plenty of fighting on the border.

Did the Soviet Union and China Have troops fighting in The Vietnam War?

Yes, but their efforts were primarily involved in the air defense of North Vietnam.

Were the French still fighting Vietnam when the United States got involved?

Not in Vietnam they weren't. Maybe in some other parts of the world.

What do the central powers and neutral countries do?

Central Powers= They are the countries that are fighting in the war. Neutral powers= They are not involved in the fighting

Which countries were fighting in d-day?

The main countries involved were Germany, fighting against Britain, USA,Canada and many other smaller Allies.

Which countries were involved in the vietnam war?

France,United states of america,and vietnam no other countries because noone knew about it exept france and the U.S.A

Was vietnam in world war 1?

No, only a couple of Asian countries contributed to WW1 but Vietnam wasn't one of them. The only countries that did participate were colonies of the European countries which were involved.

Why were the countries involved in the Vietnam War?

The fight against the spread of Communism.

What cold war countries were involved in the Vietnam war?

The Soviet Union (USSR) supplied North Vietnam, and the US fought for South Vietnam.

What countries were covered during the Vietnam War?

The countries that were actually "physically" involved, and were bombed or had US aircraft crash into them, whether they were "officially" in the war or not, were: Lao's, Cambodia, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

What years were the US troops fighting in Vietnam?

Officially, from 1965 to 1975. However, US troops had been involved in Vietnam since 1955.

Why did US get involved in Vietnam war and Korea war?

Part of the cold war; fighting communism.

What effects did the Vietnam war have on the countries involved?

Directly involved nations suffered casualties; which fuelled protests at home.

What countries were involved in the Spanish-American War fighting?

Spain and the US.

Central issues involved in the Vietnam war?

As a nation, fighting communism. As citizens, dealing with military conscription.

Which countries were not involved in the war?

The ONLY countries involved in the war were: North Vietnam/South Vietnam; South Korea, US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines. War material was supplied to North VN by Red China/USSR.

What countries were involved in the Vietnam and what side were they for?

North Vietnam /VC vs US, AUS, NZ, PI, ROK, RVN, and Thailand.

What does war means?

It is fighting with weapons with mainly other countries such as vietnam war in the 1970's

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