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WARSAW Pact countries.

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What were the Eastern European countries whose policies were dictated or heavily influenced by the soviet union?


Eastern European countries whose policies were dictated or influenced by Soviet Union?

the revolted against Gorbechev's leadership (1st) they were called satellites (my answer)

Eastern European countries whose policies were dictated by Soviet Union?


Eastern European countries whose policies were dictated by the Soviet Union?

they were called satellites

Eastern European countries whose policies were dictated or heavily influenced by the soviet union?

satellites IMPROVEMENT. Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania.

Why did it take longer for eastern European countries than western European to join the European Union?

The European Union was founded by Western European countries while Eastern European countries were still occupied by the Soviet Union.

How many eastern European countries were members of the eu in 1993?

No Eastern European countries were members of the European Union in 1993. The EU did not expand to the east until 2004 when nine Eastern European countries (with one Western European nation) joined the EU.

What kind of people do not have a country in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe is only full of Eastern European countries. That means there are no Western European countries, Latin American countries, Subsaharan countries, East Asian countries, etc. in Eastern Europe.

Why did many Eastern European countries become associated with USSR?

Eastern European countries became communist, which was a political ideology modernized by the USSR.

Why has there been an increase in the number of Eastern European migrants in the UK?

Many countries from Eastern Europe have joined the European Union since 2004. This makes it easier for them to travel to other European countries to get work. A lot of people from eastern European countries have travelled to countries in western Europe where there is more work, so a lot of eastern Europeans have gone to the United Kingdom.

Why do Eastern European countries have a lower GDP per capita than Western European countries?


How did geography influenced eastern European history?

comment appellles yu haha

How many countries are there in Eastern Europe?

There are 27 countries in Eastern Europe. This includes five transcontinental countries and two geo-political European countries.

What European countries have envirmental issues?

Eastern European countries have more environmental issues, such as the Ukraine, Russia, or Romania.

Which eastern European countries do not have a slavic majority?


By 1935 which eastern european countries were still democracies?


How did the cold War affect Eastern European countries?

by death

Which regional European countries were part of the Soviet bloc?


Which of these eastern European countries bordered the Baltic sea?


Which Countries resisted Communism?

most European and middle eastern countries.....k,k,

Why did Hitler hate eastern European countries?

They are Slavic countries and Hitler thought Slavs inferior.

What Eastern European Countries border the Adriatic Sea?

Slovenia and Croatia

What is the organization to protect eastern European countries?

NATO, Washington Treaty

By 1935 What eastern European countries was still a democracy?

no options given to answer

Why were eastern European countries invaded so often?

The rulers were weak.

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