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What were the foods eaten by people who lived during the great depression?



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The very poorest people ate what they could find, beg for, or steal. Many ate soup and bread offered by charity "Soup Kitchens". People in the South who managed to retain jobs ate things like beans, cornbread, potatoes, oatmeal and soups. A soup called "Ox-tail soup was popular. It was made from the meat which came off of the tail of the cow, mixed with vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Sandwiches made with mashed beans as a substitute for meat were also popular. People who were lucky enough to obtain meat made things like meatloaf or stews in order to make the meat go further. Some people in rural areas kept a cow for milk and butter, and chickens for the eggs and meat. Anyone lucky enough to have a gun could hunt for meat- squirrel, rabbit, deer and any other game they could find were hunted when possible. People who lived near lakes or streams would try to catch fish. Many people grew their own vegetables in gardens.