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1. US Navy-Tonkin Gulf Incident; a naval battle between the North Vietnamese Navy 135th Torpedo Boat Squadron and the US Navy's destroyer USS Maddox. This engagement plus the 04 August 1964 incident started the conventional war with North Vietnam.

2. US Army-Operation Lam Son 719, the US Army's last major offensive of the Vietnam War in 1971.

3. US Air Force-Operation Linebacker II, the Strategic Air Commands (B52s) maximum effort bombing campaign to break the back of the North Vietnamese high command in 1972.

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Where were a majority of Vietnam War battles fought?

In South Vietnam.

Were was the Vietnam war take place?

The battles of the Vietnam War took place mainly in Vietnam but there were protests in the United States.

Why are the 3 major battles of the Vietnam War important?

Which 3 major battles?

How many of the battles in Vietnam did the us army win?

The answer to how many battles the United States army won in the Vietnam War is controversial. The Vietnam war was a political war that was more of an insurgency with many little ambushes and almost no actual defined battles. The most widely accepted belief about the Vietnam war is that no one won or lost.

Were there any important battles in the vietnam war?

There were several important battles in the Vietnam War. The most important battles for America were the Tet Offensive, the Battle of Hue, and Khe Sanh, which convinced the American government to begin withdrawing its troops from Vietnam. For Vietnam, the Easter Offensive and the 1975 Spring Offensive were the most important. They were the final two major battles of the war and ended the Republic of South Vietnam.

What was one of the battles in South Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Gulf of Tonkin

How was Vietnam war different from Korean war?

1. Korea Reds lost/Vietnam Reds won. 2. Korea was cold/Vietnam was hot. 3. Korea was large scale battles/Vietnam was small scale battles. 4. Korea was a replay of WWII/Vietnam was a whole new war: A helicopter war.

What were key battles snd events during the Civii War?

Some key battles were..... The Attack on Fort Sumter which began the Civil War

What were the main events and key dates for the Vietnam war?

What year did the vietnam war start

Did World War 1 and the Vietnam War both have sea battles?

during the Vietnam war there was only a few naval battles but during ww1 there was a lot like the u-boat war at Peak and the battle of jutland island

How many battles were there in the Vietnam war?

An acceptable estimation, would be well over a few hundred battles, including the air war.

What key battles led to a Union victory in the Civil War?

The two key battles that assured the Union victory in the Civil War were Vicksburg and Gettysburg.

How should the Vietnam war be evaluated?

As one of two hot battles of the cold war.

What years were the battles of Vietnam war fought?

The biggest battles were fought from 1962 to 1975. Smaller battles occurred prior to '62.

What were some important battles of the Vietnam war?

See response below.

What were the major battles of Vietnam war and their dates?

See response below.

Analysis of Vietnam war in the content of the cold war?

Hot "battle" of the cold war. A war is a series of battles.

What were the key battles in Persian gulf war?

world war 2

What were the three battles involved in the Vietnam War?

There were a lot more then 3 battles from 1945 to 1975. Expand on your question.

Where were the key locations of the Vietnam War?


How are the effects of the Korean War and Vietnam war similar?

They were both "hot battles" of the cold war (against communism).

Military intervention in Korea or Vietnam?

Both were "hot" battles of the cold war.

When did these key battles of the Spanish-American War take place?

You have to list the battles first.

What are some key battles to World War 2?

World War 1

What were the key battles?

key battles are the names of the battles this by me