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The Nazis, or National Socialist German Worker's party, gained power in Germany in the 1930s by lies and Propaganda. It had a racist ideology that genocide and war crimes were acceptable in order to get rid of racial groups they did not like. They were responsible for the event known as the Holocaust. Hitler, their leader, brainwashed the people to believe that 'non-ayrans' were subhuman and scapegoated them for the country's economic problems. When Hitler and the Nazis came to power they turned Gemany from a democracy to a fascist police state. Because Hitler led the Nazis to believe that non-ayrans, especially Jews, were subhuman, it was easier to lead them to massacre trhe Jews and believe it was right to send innocent Jews and others to forced labor camps, torture them and murder them. In World War II, the United States, Britain, and the USSR and many other countries fought against Germany and its allies and managed to remove the Nazis from power in Germany.

Today Neo-Nazis, tend to belong to hate groups and commit hate crimes. They will deny that the Holocaust ever happened, in order to convince more people to support them. They hate Jews, black people, the disabled and homosexuals. If they are in a powerful position at their jobs, they might practice discrimination, only hiring straight, non-Jewish, non-disabled white people.

The symbol of the Nazis is the swastika.


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No, they were fascists.

In every way, as the Nazis were in fact, fascists.

Fascists and Nazis are (extreme) examples of reactionary groups.

they both believed that the good of the nation was all important

The Catholic Church has never supported the Fascists, Nazis or Communists. The Church tends to support democratic forms of government today.

they believed that the good of the nation was all important<----NovaNet

that the best form of government was a military dictatorship.

The Italian Fascists and the German Nazis gained power by recruiting the youth and intimidation through the use of force. Once established as a power, quickly controlling other areas led to the increased power levels.

No. Probably a Fascists if you hold to his Political beliefs. If you hold to his beliefs about a supreme race then you are probably a skin head.

That the good of the nation was more important than individual concerns

I would not, because the Nazis were so far to the extreme of the policy of any brand of fascism that it would be like comparing the Nazis with a liberal government.

religiously they believe in Christianity. politically they want to expand through out the world like great Britain.

Totalitarianism is a system of government is when a dictator or ruling group of individuals Controls each and every aspect of its citizens' lives including jobs, money, time, and even their own beliefs. Hitler and the Nazis were Totalitarian Fascists.

Nazis hate Jews and they hate what there religious beliefs

Neo-Nazis are anti-semitic. It is one of their core beliefs.

Space nazis, Presidents, Fascists, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King jr, Harriet Tubman...etc.

Fascists are people like the Nazis who believes that some people are better than others, for example the Nazis thought that German Aryans were the superior race and that Jews and Africans were sub humans.

When World War II began, Japan sided with the German Nazis and Italian fascists.

Adolf Hitler is the main political leader of the nazis

You need to give a country or region and a timeframe.

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