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Inland Mfg., Dayton Ohio Winchester Arms, New Haven, Conn, Saginaw Steering Gear, Grand Rapids, Michigan Underwood-Eliot-Fisher, Hartford, Conn. Rochester Defense Corp., Rochester, New York Quality Hardware Corp., Chicago Rock-Ola Corp., Chicago National Postal Meter Corp., Rochester, New York Standard Products Company, Port Clinton, Ohio International Business Machine Corp., Poughkeepsie, New York Richard V. Horrell WW 2

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2004-05-15 09:32:06
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Q: What were the names of the companies that made the 30 cal carbine that was used in World War 2?
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What is a mint condition M1 carbine worth?

Since there were many companies that made M1s, it would depend on which company made it and when exactly it was made.

Where M1 carbine was made?

They were made in many companies, Winchester made many of them, Springfield made alot, and so did Underwood, Plainfield, Inland and Remmington. Don't forget Rockola, the jukebox maker!

When did Iver Johnson make the M1 carbine?

Iver Johnson made the semi auto carbine in .22cal from 1985-1990.They made the Magnum semi auto carbine in .22mag.from 1985-1990.They made the Plainsfield semi auto carbine in .30 carbine,or 9mm Para. from 1978-1993.During this time span they also made a Paratrooper semi auto carbine.I hope this helps.

What is the value of a 742 carbine?

Depends on who made it.

When was this 1873 Springfield Carbine Ser. 146046 Made?

It was made in 1881.

Was your M1 Carbine 15-round clip with BW printed on the back made in World War 2?

Yes, and it was made by Winchester. BW is the Winchester code.

What were the names of some planes in world war 1?

Nieuport, Sopwith, Fokker, DeHavilland, Bristol, Caproni, Vickers, and SPAD were some of the companies that made WW1 airplanes.

What year and make is this m1 carbine 3878526?

International Business and Machine Corporation made this certain carbine in Late April or May 1944. It sounds like a great original Carbine.

Is an M1 carbine with serial number 745286 genuine?

I don't see why not. The problem is this: Is the carbine USGI or aftermarket. Generally under the rear sight there will be the maunfacturers name stamped. GM inland division, Singer sewing machine, rock-ola, and other companies made them. Most of them were made by civilian companies under government contract. They made several MILLION of them and if your is a 6 digit serial number, it ought to be worth a little more than, say one with a 7 digit serial number.

Where are nestles chocolates made?

there are companies all over the world.

What are the production dates for the model 1938 Daisy Red Ryder carbine air rifle?

Daisy made a model 94 Carbine from 1954 - 1962, they also made a model 111 western carbine from 1963-1978. I can find no information on a Red Ryder 1938 carbine. However the 1938 Red Ryder is still in production.

What date was Winchester carbine 5591000 made?

If you have a model 1894 winchester?,it was made in 1989.

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