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What were the natural resources in the Middle Colonies?

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The area's rich soil allowed the Middle Colonies to become a major exporter of wheat and other grains. The shipbuilding and lumber industries enjoyed great successes due to the abundant forests. Pennsylvania was moderately successful with their iron and textile industries.

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Middle colonies natural resources?

The natural resources were the fertile soil.

Natural Resources Middle Colonies?


What were the natural resources of the middle colonies and how did they help make the middle colonies a good place for colonists?

The middle colony natural resources were rich soil , wood , water , climate

What were the middle colonies natural resources?

woods and animals

Natural resources in the middle colonies?

they ate corn ad chicken

What where the middle colonies natural resources?

grain farmers seaports and manufactoring

What are the middle colonies food and natural resources?

Why won't they anwser there selve

What were the natural resources of the Middle Colonies?

candy jk jk it was water, and food, plus natural resources like wood

What were some of the natural resources in the middle colonies?

Wheat, soil, iron, tobacco, and oil

What natural resources helped to create jobs in new England and middle colonies?

the lumber

Natural resources of the 13 colonies?

Northern Colonies: timber (wood), whaling Middle Colonies: wheat and tobacco Southern Colonies: rice, indigo, tobacco

How did geography affect the economy of the middle colonies?

The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and natural resources aided the Middle Colonies economy.

Natural resources found in the middle colonies?

candy tabacco and many others........ I WAS JUST jocking

Why were merchants drawn to the middle colonies?

Merchants were drawn to the middle colonies because there was a lot of trade going on there. The farming and natural resources played a big part in why the economy was successful.

What are some important features in the middle colony?

Since I am doing my research with my project of Delaware and the Middle Colonies, the most important feature is the following:RiversThey used many natural resources and the Middle Colonies were surrounded by the Southern Colonies and the New England Colonies.

What are the natural resources in middle Tennessee?

The natural resources in middle Tennessee are coal and other minerals.

What were the natural resources for the middle colonies in the 1600s?

Fish cattle furs iron pigs sheep timber wheat

What were the resources in the Middle Colonies?

the resources in the middle colonies were river boats, deer, beavers, wood, trees, water, and fertile soil.

What resources do the middle colonies have?

there main food resources where wheat

Why were middle colonies an ideal place to grow crops?

Climate, soil, and natural resources were all ideal reasons for middle colonies to grow crops. This drastically increase the ability to grow crops and cultivate them.

What natural resources were in the American colonies?


What is the reason for settling in the middle colonies?


What were the natural resources for the middle colonies of north American in 1700s 1800s?

The natural resources were the fertile soil, trees, and fresh water.In addition, they focused on livestock and crops.metals such as: bronze; metaland fruits from trees

What were the natural resources for the middle colonies?

The Middle Colonies (New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey) enjoyed natural harbors, excellent fishing and whaling, iron ore in the mountains, timber, and good soil and growing season for wheat, rye, and other crops.

What was some natural reasorces in the middle colonies?

the main natural resources were well fertile soil, longer growing season, waterfalls, and were able to grow lots of flour.

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