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CONNECTICUT 1600'sI BELIEVE THAT the main occupation, besides farming, was trading. Up and down the Connecticut river there were settlements where the American Indians lived as did explorers from foreign countries. The Dutch, for example, wouldtrade steel tools and advanced "technology" to the Indians in turn for furs from trapping and also "wampum". Most people consider wampum to be their form of "money". That is fairly accurate, but wampum was really the stuff that the Indians had that others wanted. It was more of a barter system, than actual "money". I hope this helps! If I am wrong, maybe other posters can contribute their knowledge. <<>>
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What was the population of Connecticut in the 1600s?


What resources did Connecticut have in the 1600s?

Connecticut had resources in the 1600s which helped settlers. The timber was vast and the logging industry was able to harvest lumber for houses.

Connecticut government in the 1600s?

Assembly members from Massachusetts were chosen to rule Connecticut.

What languages were spoken in Connecticut in the 1600s?


Government in the 1600s in Connecticut?

it was a Constitutional monarchy

What were the crops of Connecticut in the 1600s?

tobacco and rice

What were the occupations in Connecticut in 1787?

Farming and trading

What was the weather in the 1600s in Connecticut?

Winters were cold and summers were mild

What were the occupations and lifestyles for those at the top of the social scale in New York in the 1600s?


Did we have schools in Connecticut in the 1600s?

Connecticut wasn't a state in the 1600's, it was the 5th state in the us in 1788, so there were no "Connecticut" schools in the 1600's

What were the occupations in Connecticut in the 1700s?

farming and trading were the occupations. You would trade metal hunting tools with the Indians for the fur that they got from trapping.

What types of transportation were used in the 1600s in the Connecticut colony?

horses,wagon, foot, train

What are the colonies in New England in the 1600s?

Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Connecticut

Connecticut jobs in 1600s?

In the 1600s in Connecticut people could work at places such as shipbuilding yards, shipping docks, and fur trading companies. There were also jobs mining copper, working in the timber industry, and producing things like beer, rum, and whiskey.

Who founded Connecticut colony?

Connecticut Colony was founded by English settlers in the 1600s. Some people that are recognized as founders include Thomas Hooker and John Haynes.

What type of government existed in the colonial England in the 1600s?

new hampshire,massachussetts,rhode island and connecticut

What kind of settlers arrived in Connecticut in the 1600s?

The first major settlements were established by the English in the 1630's.

What were the people like in Connecticut in the 1600s?

People liked going to Connectiocut is because they liked the eather that they had it had coldness, cool summers, and it was in the north. I LOVE CONNECTICUT I MEAN WHO DOES'NT!

What are the 3 document of Self-Government in the early 1600s in colonies?

the order of connecticut, the Mayflower compact, and the House of Burgesses

Where in Connecticut can a 14 year old get a working permit?

In Connecticut, a 14 year old can get a working permit from the Connecticut State Department. There are a number of occupations that a 14 year old can engage in such as those in banks, hospitals, hotels, insurance companies and in convalescent homes.

What was the main transportation in Connecticut from the 1600s?

The main tranportation would be walking and sailing. only rich people owned horses. I hoped i helped!

How are three ways people got around in the colony of Connecticut Please give answers that were around in the 1600s?

horse back, horse and buggy, and walking.

What food did colonial Connecticut eat in the 1600s?

They ate donut's, corn, squash, basically regular foodthey mostly ate corn squash beans and peas

What was the daily life of Connecticut in the 1600s?

Daily life in Connecticut in the 1600s was very difficult. There were no convenience foods or super centers, so people had to make their own clothes and grow their own food. Similarly, they had to build their own homes, and make them strong enough to withstand bad weather. Colonists had to save up enough food and lumber to get themselves through the winter without freezing or starving.

What was the climate of Connecticut in the 1600s?

Connecticut was one of the New England colonies which was the coldest region. Summers were mild, but short, and winters were long and cold. One benefit of the colder conditions was that disease did not spread as quickly in the New England colonies as it did in the Middle and Southern colonies.