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What were the original goals the northern states had for the Civil War?

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The northern states in The Civil War main goal was to keep the northern and southern states together (or the Union). A side goal was to free slaves and end slavery. :P

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What were the two goals of the south in the civil war?

The Confederacy's first goal during the Civil War was to gain independence from the northern states. The second goal was to establish a government that was free from what they deemed as northern oppression, and would not attempt to end slavery.

What were the goals of the northern side during the civil war?

to beat the south so there would be no more slavery

What were president Lincolons goals for the civil war?

To end slavery and make the Confederate States of America part of the United States of America again.

What were the goals of the civil works administration?

Cutting men's balls were the goals of the civil works administration.

What were the goals of the union in civil war?

The goal of the Union forces was to end the rebellion by forcing the Confederate States back into the Union.

What were the goals of each side as the civil war began?

The South wanted to be an independent nation, and the North wanted to keep the United States one union.

What were the goals of the Freedom Riders?

The Freedom Riders were a civil rights group. Their goal was to make southern states recognize the anti-segregation laws that were in place.

How did the outcome of the Chinese civil war contribute to cold war tensions?

The outcome of the Chinese Civil War contributed to Cold War tensions because it resulted in the spread of communism which was contrary to the goals of the United States.

What goals were used by the union army during the civil war?

the goals were strategy, strength and smart

Did the civil rights movement archive it's goals?

Generally speaking the US civil rights movement that thrived during the 1960's, has achieved tremendous goals. Afro Americans have more wealth and opportunities now then ever before. That the United States elected a Black president is just one example of this.

What goals did the original french settlers in Canada had?

one of their goals was to convert all of the aboriganals to Christiananity.

What are the goals of the US federal government and where can they be found?

In its simplest form, the answer to this question is that the goals of the US Federal Government is to guarantee the civil rights of its citizens and enforce all Federal statutes that do this. The specifics of these guarantees that ensure the civil rights of all Americans can be found in the US Constitution. This document provides the details of various Federal functions. It should be made clear that what is not set forth in the Constitution is left to the US States to administer. This is the briefest and most direct answer to both of the questions contained in the original one.

How did the war goals in the civil war differ between Union and Confederacy?

The goals of the Civil War changed for the Union from 1861 to 1863. Initially the war was fought to preserve the union of the states and to unite all the states under the Federal government. By 1863, the Government's goals were expanded to include the elimination of slavery of and the freeing of any slaves in the Confederate states. The Confederate Government ( CSA) goal remained the same, to separate from the Union and to establish an independent government. The CSA fought to keep the Union invaders out of their territories and to force the Federal Government to negotiate for peace and settle for the separation of the two regions of the United States under two governments.

How many goals has Landon Donovan scored?

45 goals for the United States

What are the major goals of the NAACP?

To protect and preserve civil rights.

Why did the emancipation proclamation changed the goals of the north in the civil war?

The CSA was going to make an alliance with Britain, who disliked the idea of slavery. Lincoln used the Emancipation Proclamation as a way to turn the Civil War from "The Between The States," to a war about slavery.

What goals stated in the preamble to the Constitution?

There are no goals in the preamble. It only states why the constitution was written.

The goals of reconstruction?

The goals of reconstruction in the South were to make the South whole again. Several cities had to be rebuilt after the Civil War.

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