What were the pint of views of the Anti Federalist?

The Anti-Federalists believed, as the namesake suggests, opposite beliefs of the Federalists. Anti-federalists believed that the federal (national) government shouldn't be too big and generally believed in people's/states' rights.

One of their strongest arguments was for the Bill of Rights. Federalists argued that the Constitution was better off without a Bill of Rights and that such an addition would be bad for the people's/states' rights because they would think that those listed rights are their only rights (the compromise: the 9th and 10th amendments). The Anti-Federalists, on the contrary, saw that the Constitution didn't give enough rights to the people in the body of the Constitution, so they wanted explicit ones in the B.O.R.

Thomas Jefferson is a good example of an Anti-Federalist. They are generally more on the side of natural rights than civic virtue.

Could be classified (arguably) as more liberal than conservative because of the emphasis on the individual rather than big government.