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What were the political conditions in Europe in 1940?

the political conditions in 1940 was that the entire continent was under Nazi or Italian flags.

What countries in Western Europe in 1940 did Germany invade?

Poland for sure, maybe France and other surrounding countries.

How did Germany conquered most of Europe by 1940?

Most countries were not as prepared for war as Germany was.

By fall of 1940 Germany controlled how much of western Europe?

By the fall of 1940 Germany controlled most of Western Europe. The countries under German rule include but are not limited to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

How many places in Europe did Nazis have by 1940?

By 1940, the Nazis held most of Western Europe and a large part of Eastern Europe - Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France and large parts of the Balkans. They also had Greece and the northern countries of Africa.

What are the ratings and certificates for Lights Out in Europe - 1940?

Lights Out in Europe - 1940 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

Which nation was resisting hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe?

Great Britain was the only country resisting Hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe.

What was the population Europe in 1940?

What was the estimated population of Europe in 1947.

What countries were at war in Europe in 1940 during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, France, Britain, and a number of other European nations.

How many countries did Germany control by the end of 1940?

Germany controlled 7 countries by the end of 1940.

When was African Political Systems created?

African Political Systems was created in 1940.

How much of Europe did the Germans control by the 1940?

The attached link explains on a month by month basis the course of the war in 1940 in Europe.

When did the Holocaust began in Europe?

Around 1940.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lights Out in Europe - 1940?

The cast of Lights Out in Europe - 1940 includes: Fredric March as Actor speaking the Commentary

Describe the course of World War 2 in Europe until the end of 1940?

The course of World War II, leading up to the end of 1940, was an expansion of territory by the country of Germany. Germany was beginning to invade its neighboring countries.

How many European countries had the Nazis occupied by 1940?

9 countries *Austria (1938) *Czech Republic (1938 and 1939); Slovakia became German satellite in 1939. *Poland (1939) *Denmark (1940) *Norway (1940) *Luxembourg (1940) *Netherlands (1940) *Belgium (1940) *France (1940) Plus the Channel Islands

Who were the 1940's political leaders?


What countries did Germany invade in April and May of 1940?

Germany launched major offensives in Western Europe during April and May 1940. In April, 1940 Germany invaded Denmark and Norway in order to protect its shipping interests. Germany also attacked France and invaded neutral nations like Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium in May, 1940. France also fell in June, 1940.

What was the name of the french political leader of France in 1940?

The French president in the year 1940 was Albert Lebrun.

Which country conquered Western Europe by 1940?


What year did germany invade western europe?

Germany invaded Western Europe in 1939 and 1940.

What countries had Germany defeated in 1940?

There are a number of countries that Germany had defeated in 1940. Some of them include Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and France among others.

What political party controlled the white house in 1940?


Did HITLER invade any countries during 1940?

yes, he did many countries in the 1940s

When was John Sears - political strategist - born?

John Sears - political strategist - was born in 1940.

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