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It meant the US would respond, would declare war, and would realiate.

The major consequence was Germany's declaration of War against the US since that little error in judgment opened it up to a World War.

In the long term, it virtually guaranteed the Japanese loss of a Pacific Empire or even a place at the table in negotiating a compromise. The whilwind had been unleashed and "Remember Pearl Harbor" joined the lexicon of American battle cries like "Don't Tread on Me" and "Remember the Alamo".

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Q: What were the short major and long term consequences of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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What was a major event leading up to the Pearl Harbor?

u mean the attack on pearl harbor?????? yes

What was considered the second major attack by the Japanese after Pearl Harbor?


What were the major battles in world war 2?

The Battle of Britain was. The attack on Pearl Harbor was A arial attack.

What were the major air battles in World War 2?

The Battle of Britain was. The attack on Pearl Harbor was A arial attack.

What are some major events in Hawaii?

The 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. The 1946 Tsunami.

Where did the Pearl Harbor take place?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War took place at the city of Pearl, Oahu, Hawaii, whose harbor was (and still is) a major American naval base.

What were the 2 major causes of World War 2?

the killing of jews the attack of pearl harbor

What major war event took place on December 7?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor .

What major event is associated with wold war 2?

The surprise attack upon Pearl harbor .

What major events followed the attack on Pearl Harbor?

US counter attacks: Doolittle Raid & Guadalcanal.

Major American Pacific naval base devastated in a surprise attack in December 1941?

Pearl Harbor

The United States entered World War II shortly after what major event?

Attack on Pearl Harbor

What were the changes after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawii, the US entered the war. If they didn't attack Pearl Harbor the US wouldnt've entered World War II. The major targets were California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Maryland, and West Virginia. I think there is a couple more but I can't remember!

Which major event caused the US to enter World War 2?

Japanese attack on Pearl harbor, Hawaii

What and where is pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor is a major US Naval base in Hawaii. It was the location of most of the Pacific Fleet, much of which was in port during the attack. It provided repair facilities and supply depot for the ships.

Where did they attack the Pearl Harbor?

The focus of the attack was on the island of Oahu. Pearl Harbor had a major portion of the US Navy in for leave and inspection so the focus would be the more dangerous ships. Battleship Row was where the most damage was done. Had the aircraft carriers been in harbor it would have been much worse.

Who were the military commanders at Pearl Harbor the day of the attack?

Army Major General W.C. Short and Admiral H.E. Kimmel.

Where did the major event of Pearl Harbor take place?

At a harbor in Hawaii, in the United States, called Pearl.

What did Pearl Harbor have to do with the Holocaust?

Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust were both major events relating to World War II.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor bring the US into War?

Japnis attacked pearl harbour.As it was one of the major navy unit of US ,they decided yo war against them(Japnis).

What was the next war after pearl harbor?

The japanese attack on pearl harbour brought the usa into the ongoing world war 2, the next major conflict for the usa was the korean issue.

The major cause of world war 2?

In Europe - Hitler's desire to rule the world. In the Pacific - Japan's sneak attack at Pearl Harbor.

What provoke the us to enter ww1 the bombing of pearl harbor or the attack of Alamo or the fall of Poland or Germany attempting to form a miltary alliance with Mexico?

pearl harbour was an attack in ww2, not ww1. if you are talking about ww2, pearl harbour was the major turning point as after the attack America and Australia joined the war

How successful and for what reasons was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred in an attempt by the Japanese to gain control of as much land as possible. The attack itself was very successful by damaging the ships in harbor. The one major point that was not expected was that none of the Aircraft carriers were in the harbor during the attack. Had they been, the US Navy would have nearly been wiped out according to information I have read. The information I have has come from various websites and books like "Day of Infamy" by Walter Lord.

To what extent were the aims of the Japanese achieved from the attack on Pearl Harbor?

They wanted to sink the 7th fleet in the harbor with a major attempt being the aircraft carriers. None of the carriers were in Pearl Harbor on the 7th. They did sink most of the battleships, all but one was returned to the service, but that took much time.