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What were three reasons why Americans lost the Vietnam War?

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Couldn't isolate the battlefield.

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The Americans lost the Vietnam War (1954-1975).

The Americans didn't lose. They were unfamiliar with the territory of Vietnam and were not properly prepared. The terrains of the jungles were nothing like the landscape in the US. It was just a matter of unfamiliarity.

What do u think smarts of course Vietnam we lost! WOW ur slow

Over 50,000 Americans were killed and missing in action during the Vietnam War.

the French lost the Vietnam war

The Vietnam War resulted more than 58,000 American deaths (including missing in action).More than 58,000 Americans lost their lives during the Vietname War.

the felt they lost a lot of people in the war and they felt depress

Couldn't stop the flow of men & material without widening the war into neutral countries.

More than 58,000 Americans lost their lives during the Vietname War.

The total number of Americans; soldiers, navy, air force, civilians, etc... was 58,212 lives lost.

Yes. Vietnam was a French colony. They lost a Vietnam War and were thrown out of Vietnam before America tried to win a war in Vietnam. America also lost a Vietnam War.

The Republic of South Vietnam.

AnswerDec 31, 1967485,600 US troops in Vietnam16,021 Killed in action to date99,762 Wounded in action to date58,148 Americans lost their lives by the end of the war

For exactly the same reason, as America lost ths Vietnam war! Lack of public support at home. Washington was a great leader and the Americans were smart.

There were no American naval ships lost during the Vietnam War.

on the home front many Americans lost faith in the government because they said one thing and the media said another

Australia lost about 600 men in Vietnam.

See: Vietnam War casualties.

58,226 American soldiers also in the war or are missing in action. FriPilot

Every War Fought by Americans resulted as the Defeat of the US. They Lost the War of Vietnam, and they are still losing the war on Afganisthan and Iraq.

Americans heard news about the war from newspapers and magazines but most watched the news on television. President Lyndon Johnson said, "“If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

It cost the United States too much time, money, and resources. Many young lives were also lost in the war. It was considered a waste because we lost the war anyway.

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