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One was that many,many, many soldiers and innocent people were killed during the war. Approximately 620,000 people were killed. :(

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some of the greek communists were hung from trees many were exiled and some went into labour camps

The civil war in Nicaragua lasted more that a decade and sriously hurt and weakened its economy.

The elimination of slavery and the reestablishment of the union-

600,000 deaths, civil rights was not established, the kkk


the south had few to none advantages and were devasted in all ways at the end of the war.

The effects of the civil war is by weapons.

The direct consequences of the US Civil War were the following:A. Slavery was abolished;B. With the War behind them, the USA could focus on expanding the nation westward;C. A strong military was now part of the establishment; andD. The Southern States were depleted from the War and its rebuilding was an arduous task.

The economic consequences of the Civil War are largely due to Northern control of the federal government during and after the war. It stimulated the industrial revolution in the North. The effects were devastating in the South.

some of the civil war millionares were, no particular order of their worth: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It reopened the question of slavery in the US and moved the Nation closer to Civil War.

Some people think that the Revolutionary War was better than the Civil War. Some people think that the Civil War was better than the Revolutionary War.

Some consequences of the Cold War were environmental damages, social tensions, and economical tensions... These are only a few... -Payton:)

some of the consequences of the revolutionary war was affected economically speaking. There was economica disater and many deaths of ther colonist..Im not really sure

Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.

in the civil war some women where army nurses while some where spices and some take care of the home and are even in the war front.

civil war can go in a sentence in many ways - I have some money from the civil war - my friend's great great grandfather fought in the civil war - the civil war was fought over rights for African Americans

The ABC's of the American Civil War are thus: A - Attitudes of all persons (soldiers, slaves, elected officials, and civilians) B - Battles (fought and won and by which side) C - Consequences of all parameters of the war

The main politic in the Civil War was slaverly . Some minor polictics in the Civil War were state rights, and econimic differences .

Violence and intimidation of the Kansas voters, with the two sides driven further apart, and civil war brought a step closer.

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