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water will evaporate and salt and sugar will remain back

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Heat the water and mix vigorously then the sugar will dissolve faster.

Hot water because the heat helps to dissolve the sugar.

Heat the water to boiling point, then put the rock sugar in

1. Put Sugar in water and stir to dissolve. 2. If there is still some sugar left, heat the mixture whjile continuing to stir. Once the solution is saturated, the remaining sugar will not dissolve.

the sugar will sink to the bottom but if constant heat and pressure are occurring the sugar will dissolve and the water eventually evaporates.

Stir/agitate the water. Heat the water. Make the sugar crystals smaller/expand surface area of sugar.

With enough heat, powdered sugar will dissolve in water just like granulated sugar. Complete absorption of the sugar will occur at a lower temperature per unit of sugar comparatively because of the difference in granular size. As such it will appear to dissolve more completely or faster than granulated.

I know that warmer water (more heat=more energy) will cause the sugar to dissolve faster. I believe that stirring the water will also make it dissolve faster but I can't remember exactly why.

heat speeds up molecular movement and reaction

There is a point where the water/sugar solution will become saturated and no more sugar will be able to dissolve into it. It would dissolve faster in heat and also where there is a higher water:sugar ratio. When there is a lot more water particles than sugar particles, the sugar is broken down faster. Is there is sugar already in it then the the solution will have both sugar and water particles rather than all water particles like there is in tap water.

sugar dissolves because the tea is hot and the sugar molecule's dissolve because of the heat in the tea

sugar dissolves because the tea is hot and the sugar molecule's dissolve because of the heat in the tea

I don't know, but it may help if you: .Heat the water .Add more water .Get a bigger container

Water is evaporated by heat. You can dissolve something in water.

In hot water because the heat coming from the hot water is mmelting the suger and dissolving it

You could crush the sugar into smaller pieces, you could heat the water and you could stir

(OK I'm just making a guess here...) because the heat makes the water evaporate and all that's left behind is the sugar AKA sugar crystals.

because heat speeds up the process while in cold water it has the same process but slower

sugar crystals dissolve in tea because the heat from the tea separates all the little particles of sugar which then get mixed with the tea.

Lime water and carbon dioxide help to precipitate impurities from sugar solution which are then separated.

Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

they do dissolve, heat increases the rate of diffusion so naturally the absence of heat will reduce the rate of diffusion. in this case the rate of diffusion is so slow that it isn't really noticeable.

If you heat up aluminum and then place it in cold water it can dissolve.