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What will cause a 1985 Chevy Celebrity to backfire checked timing compression both good vacuum gauge indicates valve timing out but heard flat cam and burnt valves or is it a timing set?


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Since the compression is good I would not expect it to be a burnt valve. It could be timing if the timing chain has excess play. I would also check the ignition module and the engine control module. We had a 1986 Chevy Celebrity that had an ignition problem that cause it to run badly and backfire. The service engine soon light was blinking but not posting a code. We changed the engine control module and it fixed the problem.


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You may want to have the engine timing checked?

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spark plugs and or a good tune up have the timing checked on vehicle ould also check distributer points and distributor cap

my '87 celebrity does the same thing sometimes when i change gears from park to drive or even reverse and step on the gas my mechanic says it could be the choke. have it checked

Well it could be that your timing might be off if it didnt backfire before,i would get the timing checked or go back to where you got it done.

It depends on why the compression is low. Assuming you checked compression with a gauge causes could include a stuck valve or valves, blown head gasket, cracked head or bad rings and seals. Repair requirements in order are a valve job, a new head gasket installation, a new or rebuilt head, a new or rebuilt engine.

SRS light indicates airbag fault, if this is showing then you should get your car checked.

A flat camshaft could cause this if you have already ruled out wrong wire order and any other ignition problems. Each factor would have to be checked in order to determine the real problem.

Did you check the Crank position sensor , its a pain to replace on the side of trany under the car Could also be a fuel pump problem, Suggest that you have it checked for codes, and have fuel pressure checked while it is acting up.

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