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it could be the ECM/ecu relay under the glove box.

my car had the same trouble you could check on the passenger's side kick board on the Right side there are two relay there that has to do with the fuel pump and ignition

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โˆ™ 2009-11-06 21:48:06
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Q: What will cause this problem 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon its starts runs for a few minutes then theres this clicking sound coming from under the passenger side dash then the car dies?
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What size are the door speakers in a 1996 Mitsubishi diamante?

I have 95 mitsu diamante 3.0 SOHC V6. It is hard to start when is cold. Sometimes after I shut it off and try to start it 30 minutes later. Once the car is running it works perfectly.

Why does pressure build up in top radiator hose to Mitsubishi diamante vrx 2002?

probably a bad thermostat. let car run for 10 minutes to see if the thermo opens and you should be able to sqeeze top hose easily.

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unhook the battery for a few minutes.

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How do you Reset the SRS Light In a 2005 Mitsubishi Endever?

disconnect negative of battery for 3 + minutes.

How do I reset a 2001 Mitsubishi radio so that I can enter the code?

just disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes

What causes a Mitsubishi Galant to idle rough for the first 10 minutes it is running and then run fine after that?

A clogged fuel filter can cause a Mitsubishi Galant to idle rough for the first 10 minutes it is running and then it runs fine after that. A fouled spark plug can also cause this issue.

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Haha, I was just struggling with this in my Mitsubishi Galant... If it's like mine you just have to *hold* the minutes or hours button and it will start progressing.Hope this'll help!

What to do after Mitsubishi Diamante 1999 radio says off after 3 code errors?

I have a 98 diamanti and the chilton book says while entering the radio codes, you only have three chances to get it right. After that, it has to be taken to a dealer. If you have about an hour of free time all you have to do is turn your key to the acc position on ignition and leave the car for about 45 minutes this should reset radio again. do this while the car is not running.

How do you deactivate the alarm system of your Mitsubishi galant 1999?

To deactivate the alarm system on a Mitsubishi Galant 1999, place the key into the ignition and turn it slightly. Leave the key in this position for 10 minutes and then start the car.

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How do you turn off the check engine light in 93 Mitsubishi expo?

Pull the negative battery cable for 2 minutes. Then put it back on.

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What is the 0-60 time for a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT?

8 minutes Just kidding, it should be around 7.2 seconds I think.

How do you unlock a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse radio after the third wrong code entry?

You are supposed to turn the ignition key in position ON and have it there for at least 50 minutes.

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How do you close a door that doesnt latch on a 1997 mitsubishe diamante?

You will need to take the door panel off to find the problem. Thsi is not very difficult and should take a few minutes. Once off, you will be able to see what the problem is.

How do you reset the idle on a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.0 4-cylinder?

disconect the batery cable for 10 minutes, if that don't work take it to the dealer

I have the code for my 2001 Mitsubishi spyder how do you get it to reset to the code mode so I can reset it?

Try unhooking both battery terminals +- for a few minutes, that should reset the system.

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