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we would have to walk but i dont think it will be running out anytime soon

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โˆ™ 2006-04-26 14:59:25
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Q: What will happen if the world runs out of gasoline?
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What will happen if premium gasoline is put into a diesel engine?

If you're asking what will happen if you put gasoline in a diesel engine, the engine will be destroyed if you run it on gasoline.

What would happen if the world would run out of gasoline?

you wouldn't be able to use cars or anything hat runs on gasoline. People, being resourceful, would find alternatives. Petrol engines can be run on ethanol, distilled from plants. Folks would use diesel engines, or electricity.

Who will start the end of the world?

Its not a who that ends the world. The end of the world will happen when the sun runs out of energy.

What runs on gasoline rarely?

a furnace

What runs a gasoline engine?


What will happen if you drink gasoline?

You will likely die, or least become extremely ill. Don't drink gasoline.

Why is gasoline so expensive?

gasoline is running low in the world

What is a vehicle called that runs on electricity and gasoline?

A Hybrid

What are petrol powered cars?

The engine runs on gasoline.

What will happen if you mix gasoline and sulfuric acid together?


What happen to the competition in gasoline pricing?

Gasoline pricing is regulated and taxed, therefore, one corporation can not change prices dramatically.

What might happen if more gasoline - powered motor vehicles were used around the world?

It could speed up the global warming process.

How did the gasoline powered tractor work?

It is powered by petrol. As the word gasoline is another word for petrol. Therefroe it runs on petrol!!!

What is the definition of a gasser?

In automobiles it is a drag racer that runs on gasoline.

A vehicle that runs on both electricity and gasoline is called what?


A vehicle that runs on both electricity and gasoline is called a?


What is a vehicle that runs on both electricity and gasoline?

a hybrid car

How does a cng engine differ from a gasoline engine?

One runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and one runs on gasoline. With the right modifications, a single engine can run on both fuels.

What will happen if you mix diesel and gasoline?

Mix diesel in a gasoline engine and it will stall or run very poorly depending on how much you mixed in. Mix gasoline in a diesel engine and you will have engine damage.

What would happen if you boiled gasoline?

you can't.. it ignites too quickly

Is it possible to run diesel engine by gasoline oil. if possible then afterward what will happen?

No, putting gasoline in a diesel will destroy the diesel engine.

What is Toyota Prius?

a Toyota prius is a hybrid, a car that runs on both gas and electricity. the point of it is to stop the pollution of the world and cut down on gasoline usage.

Does Chevrolet impala 1967 run on diesel?

Of course not. It runs on gasoline.

Do cars have fossil fuels?

If it runs on gasoline, diesel or CNG, yes.

What is a vehicle that runs on both electricity and gasoline called?

A Hybrid Vehicle.