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It depends on the circumstances. If you were beaten, sexually molested, or mistreated in any way then you had reason to leave. 18 is the legal age (but, a 14 year old in Texas can work in some establishments with the exception of gambling, or any place that has alcohol and this includes tobacco products as well. They can also work in the entertainment business such as becoming and actor, theatrical plays, etc., but not as a stripper or any adult orientated entertain of the same sort.) Your foster parent(s) would have to legally contact Child Welfare and report you missing. It is strictly up to Child Welfare to be accountable for your welfare. If you don't think they are protecting you, then you can take this to court and probably win because you are closer to 18 than not. In many cases the court system is on the side of the minor, but, if that minor is a delinquent and just plain trouble the laws can back-fire on them. If you caused no trouble, don't like the foster parents, it's quite possible that the courts will let you live on your own if you can prove you are working and can finish your education. Texas laws are tough. BEWARE: False ID or false papers of any kind have harsh penalties by the court in Texas if caught. Marcy * A minor who is in a foster home is under the direct jurisdiction of the Texas Family Court. The foster parents are required by law to report the minor as a runaway if his or her location is unknown or as an absentee minor if the location is known. Because there is a court order in place the minor will be taken into custody and remanded over to juvenile authorities as soon as they are located. The minor will then remain in a juvenile facility until a court hearing at which time a decision will be made by the judge based on the best interest of the minor and nothing else.

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Q: What will happen to a 17-year-old runaway from foster care in Texas?
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