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If your engine has been damaged it may be worthwhile to purchase a remanufactured engine. A 1986 Buick Riviera currently has 102,000 on a remanufactured engine(ReCon).

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Q: What will need to be done for an engine that has run with no coolant in the radiator?
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Need to drain the engine coolant where are the engine plugs on a 1990 ford Ranger?

You drain coolant from the radiator. but according to the book ther are two plugs on the engine block that need to drain the coolant from.

Why need auto radiator reservoir?

Engine coolant expands when heated. Heated coolant needs a reservoir to come and go as needed.

Where is coolant reservoir on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

Coolant reservoir, or directly in the radiator. If you are having to add much coolant, you need to find out why. Serious engine damage can occur if it is leaking inside the engine.

Do you need a thermostaic in radiator?

The thermostat is generally found in the engine where the coolant exits the engine block before it gets to the radiator. And yes, a thermostat is necessary for todays engines.

What Is the purpose of a coolant flush with new radiator its?

You still need to flush the engine block and heater core.

Why does coolant boil out of radiator?

you need a new radiator cap

92 Camry engine coolant reservoir boils thermostat and radiator caps replaced radiator replaced 8 mos ago?

You need to check coolant temperature sensor and the water pump.

How much coolant do you need to fill a Mitsubishi fto radiator?

the mitsibushi fto engine holds 6.5 litres of coolent.

How do you get rid of the brown water in your radiator?

If your coolant is brown, this means it has LOTS of rust in it. If this is the case, then you need to flush your cooling system and refill it with fresh coolant. Be sure to drain your engine block as well as your radiator, as MANY people neglect to do this. Without draining your engine block, you are basically just changing half your coolant.

Where is the drain plug in a 2004 Ford Explorer?

We are gonna need to know which drain plug you are looking for, radiator coolant, engine block coolant, rear differential oil, front differential oil, engine oil,

Is Coolant the same thing as Anti-freeze?

coolant/anti-freezeYES, BUT ALL ANTI-FREEZE IS NOT THE SAME YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR OWNERS MANUAL TO SEE WHICH TYPE YOU NEED. The words are sometimes used interchangeably. However, if you live in an equatorial country, your coolant is more likely to be water. I.E., Engine coolant is any liquid that cools the engine by dissipating the coolant temperature through the engine's radiator.

Why is coolant coming out through radiator cap on 1993 Pontiac grand am?

If the engine is cold... it could mean that the radiator cap is too weak to hold and you need to get a new one. If the engine is HOT... it could mean that you have overheated it and you need to add water after the engine has cooled a bit, to prevent getting burned, be careful and use a towel to remove the cap to add coolant.

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