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Be honest with your friend and see if you both have crushes on each other.

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What should you do when your best friend goes out with your crush?

You do nothing . She is your friend and friends are more important than a boy you like.

How do you not be best friend with your best friend?

Get the boy she has a crush on to kiss you in front of her , or what you can do is that you dont have to talk to her for the rest of the day and when she finally comes to you just ignore her or walk away

What do you do if you like the same boy as your best friend but they already have the boys number and your best friend has been texting them?

Well, nothing because I'm sure that your crush already has a crush on your best friend because, if she already has been texting him and already got their phone numbers then yea it may be possible.

How do you get over your crush getting a boyfriend?

if your crush gets a boy friend then you may want to tell your crush how you feel. or you can get a new crush!

What should you do if you have accidentally developed a crush on your best guy friend when you are best friends with his twin sister?

If you are really sure that you like him, then you should talk to your friend if she thinks it is okay to pursue this boy romantically. You don't want to hurt your relationship with your best friend over something like a boy.

What do you do if you and your best friend have a crush on the same boy but you liked him first?

It depends on how much you like him. If you can forget about him easy do so now.

How do you convince your friend to go out with a boy?

act like you have a crush on the boy you want her to date.

What does it mean when my crush asks me if i ever had a bf?

when a your crush asks if you have ever had a boy friend, it means that he is interested in you.

What to do when your friend has a crush on a boy but you like that boy?

Tell your friend straight up. He/she shouldn't have a problem with it, but you guys should dicuss it between yourselves. If you keep it in, your friend will think he/she's fine to flirt/get with your crush. That can cause some serious jealousy.

What do you do when you like a boy and you know that boy likes your best friend and your best friend wont tell you if she like that boy or not?

well find a way to not hurt your best friend but get the boy to like you or tell your friend you like him and see if she cares

What do you do if your guy best friend is going out with your girl best friend but he just told you that he had a crush on you and you still like him and hes aways flirting with you and ur flirting to?

honestly, i wuld tell my girl best friend whats going on and try to stay away from the boy cuz either ur going to break ur friendship with the girl for the boy.

What do you do if you and your best friend have a crush on the same boy?

rock/paper/scissors? You should first try to make shure your friend relly dose like this boy and is not just trying to get you mad.Also no boy is worth losing a friend trust me. If your friend is mean to you though than you should fight for this boy and try to show her that he should have you because simply you are better than her. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Is it normal for a 5th grade girl to have a crush on an 8th grade boy?

oh it is perfectly normal for you to have a crush on a older boy especially if the boy is a teenager and you aren't. it means he has developed more to your interest and seems more to you liking. now for u to actually have a relationship with this boy would be totally out of the question, but even me a 6th grade boy have a crush on one of my brother's best friend. and they are seniors in high school.

What should I do if a boy has a crush on me and I had a crush on him but he didn't know that I knew he had a crush on me?

Well your should tell him or if your shy start getting to know each other then start dating but don't rush

Who is Rosa park's best friend?

no one is her best or boy friend

How do you know if your crush likes you but when you overheard a conversation of your crush and his friend saying that he should ask you out and the boy you like said no and were both in 7th grade?

when a boy askes another boy or friend about who they like they will say yes or no. give that boy a taste of yourself (if you don't hang out with him or even interact with him then your chances are thiner)

How do you know your valentine?

Your valentine usually is a good friend, a crush, a boy or girlfriend, or a spouse.

How would you confess to your best friend girl that her boyfriends is your ultimate crush?

You don't. If she really is your bff, keep your mouth shut and find another boy to like.

Hows soulja boy best friend?

yes Arab is his best friend

What does it mean when a boy picked your best friend and not you?

It means that he picked your best friend and not you.

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