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I found this at Hope it helps... All saturns ranging from 1995 thru 1999 have the following GM wire colors... Light Gray = left front speaker(-) Tan = left front speaker(+) Light Green = right front speaker(-) Dark Green = right front speaker(+) Black = Ground wire Gray = Headlight Dimmer Wire Pink = Power Antenna Turn On Yellow = +12 Volt Ignition Wire Orange = +12 Volt Battery Wire Light Blue = right rear speaker(-) Dark Blue = right rear speaker(+) Yellow = left rear speaker(-) Brown = left rear speaker(+)

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Q: What wire colors are for what for the radio in a 96 Saturn SL?
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Why would a egr fuse blow on 96 Saturn?

The positive wire going to the EGR could be touching ground.

What colors are in the ignition harness on a 96 Camry?

The 1996 Toyota Camry ignition harness has three wires. The red wire is the hot wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

What is the diagram for a 1996 Chevy truck radio?

The wire colors likely vary from the two wires per speaker, with different color sets for each of the speakers. You need to acquire a wiring diagram if they are not clearly labeled with their speaker channel information. Here are the colors for a 96 suburban which should be the same. 1996 Chevrolet Suburban Car Stereo Radio Wiring Diagram Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Orange Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow Radio Ground Wire: Black Radio Illumination Wire: Gray Radio Dimmer Wire: Brown Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A Radio Amplifier Trigger Wire: N/A Front Speakers Size: 6 1/2″ Front Speakers Location: Doors Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Tan Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Gray Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Light Green Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Dark Green Rear Speakers Size: 6 1/2″ Rear Speakers Location: Rear Doors Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Brown Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Yellow Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Dark Blue Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Light Blue

How do you find the radio code for a 1996 Saturn SC2?

Radio code for a 96 Saturn SC2To get the radio code i called my dealer and he helped my find a code that is in the radio and then the dealer gave me my factory reset code for the radio.============================================== try this website. if not applicable, do some searching on the net ("gm radio code Saturn") until you find a site that doesn't charge for the code ... there are a few out there. good luck.

96 Grand Cherokee the radio was pulled out stolen now engine cranks but will not fire?

I really wouldn't think that this has anything to with the radio wiring , If it was me i would be looking for another wire that has come of its plug on the harness caused by pulling the radio wire .

Where is the starter relay switch on a 96 Saturn SC2?

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

How do I fix static in the radio on 96 miata?

Could be a wire crossing in the speakers, the radio itself might be bad. Does it do it all the time? Speakers might be blown. Or, your antenna lead is not plugged into the rear of the radio. Is it radio static, or does it have static on cd/tape as well?

How can you tell which wire goes to what wire in a 96 dodge advenger when putting in a stereo?

go out an get a wiring harness it's ur best bet i did the same just recently it's color coded it tells u which wire goes where when ur putting in a new radio go on eBay anbuy it. it cost me about 13 bucks it came with the harness and a radio backet to hold the radio in place

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How do you replace a fixed antenna on a 96 Honda Civic?

A fixed antenna is wired directly to the radio on a 1996 Honda Civic. Pull the center console off and find the antenna wire behind the radio. Tie a nylon to the antenna wire and pull the old unit out. Tie the new wire for the antenna to the nylon so it can be properly snaked back.

How do you install a car stereo on a 96 ford thunderbird?

Somebody please answer this i am also having a problem. if i wire the aftermarket radio it does not even power on. but if i put the stock radio back in it works. could this be a problem with the ground? Help!

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95 Saturn was in accident and where is the fuel restart button

96 contour has no spark why?

Check the crankshaft position wire connector and wire.

How many colors are in 24 bit color image?

16,772,216 Colors

What type of freon should you use on a 96 Saturn?


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Radio Disney launched in November of 96.

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how do i remove the radio on the 96 Honda odyssey

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Yes but the door panels are different, and wire colors for p/l p/w may be different.

Does Saturn have carbon?

Not really. Saturn is composed of about 96% hydrogen. The rings however, may contain about 7% carbon

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there are no physical adjustments available for the Saturn automatic transmission.