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What wires go to what for the stereo on an 1989 Buick Skylark?


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2006-03-25 16:34:28
2006-03-25 16:34:28

If you haven't already cut off the original GM harness, it would be easier to purchase a harness adapter from your local car stereo dealer, this way all you have to do is match the wires from the adapter to the wires for your replacement stereo. They're universally color-coded. If, however, you already have cut off the original harness... Yellow = +12V (Hot in Acc or Run, for main power) Orange = +12V (Hot at all times, for clock & preset memory) Gray = Left Front Speaker (-) Tan = Left Front Speaker (+) Dark Green = Right Front Speaker (-) Light Green = Right Front Speaker (+) Light Blue = Right Rear Speaker (-) Dark Blue = Right Rear Speaker (+) Yellow/Black = Left Rear Speaker (-) Brown = Left Rear Speaker (+) Black = Negative (Chassis) Ground Also note there may be another brown and another gray wire for display brightness control.


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