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What word contains all vowels in alphabetical order?

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The most common words with the 5 classic vowels are the adjectives abstemious and facetious.

To include the semi-vowel Y in order, the adverb forms are abstemiously and facetiously.

A comprehensive list would be:

Aerious, Absteinous, Abstemious, Abstenious, Abstentious, Abstentiously, Aceriflorum, Aceriflorus, Acheilous, Acheirous, Acleistous, Adecticous, Adventious, Affectious, Aleikoum, Alpestrious, Anemious, Annelidous, Arsenious, Arteriosum, Arteriosus, Arterious, Avenious, Bacterious, Caesious, Camelious, Carnelious, Facetious, Fracedinous, Gareisoun, Gravedinous, Haeriously, Majestious, Materious, Parecious, Phragelliorynchus, Placentious, Tragedious

For reverse alphabetical order for vowels, there is duoliteral, juloidea, leeuwenhoekiella, muroidea, muscoidea, pulmonifera, punctoschmidtella, quodlibetal, quodlibetary, rudoiera, subcontinental, subhyoidean, subpopliteal, subvoiceband, suoidea, tutoiera, uncomplimentary, unconsiderably, uncontinental, unconvinceably, unnoticeably, unobliterably, unoccidental, unoriental, unpolicemanly, unproprietary

*Sorry, but Raeticodactylus has an A before the U so doesn't count and if we're just listing English words (as seems to be the case) then Marveillous and variations thereupon are also excluded.

Removed: Marveillous, Marveillously, Raeticodactylus,

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What humorous word contains all of the vowels in alphabetical order?


What word contains all vowels in alphabetical?


What word contains all vowels in alphabetical order plus the letter y?

facetiously -Armando Patella

What is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five main vowels in alphabetical order?

Facetious, at nine letters long, might be the shortest word that contains all five vowels in alphabetical order.Suoidea, seven letters long, is the shortest word in the English language that contains all five main vowels in reverse alphabetical order.Other words with this property are the ten letter words duoliteral and unoriental, the fourteen letter word subcontinental, and the fifteen letter words neuroepithelial and uncomplimentary.actually it is aerious, meaning "airy"

Word that contains all the vowels including y?

Words with all the vowels in order include abstemiously.

Word contains all vowels in alphabetical order?

facetious and abstemious Or if one wishes to include the letter 'y', facetiously and abstemiously. Still in order!

A word that has all the vowels in alphabetical order?


What Swedish word contains all vowels in alphabetical order?

I really don't think there is one. If there is one it has to be a composite created for that purpose.

What word contains all vowels in descending order?

Abstemious for ascending order Suncontinental for descending order

What is the shortest word with all 5 vowels in correct order?

Abstemious is a 10 letter word that contains 5 vowels in correct order. It means not moderate when eating and drinking.

Which is the shortest word which has all the five vowels in alphabetical order?


What word does not contains all vowels?

sky,fly,fry, do not have vowels

What English word which has all six vowels in alphabetical order?

facetiouse and abstemiousely

What is unique about the word sequoia?

You may be going for the fact that it contains all of the vowels, but it is not the only such word. Facetiously contains them all, plus "y" (and in alpha order, to boot).

What seven letter word does not contain any of the five vowels?

Rhythms is a seven letter word that contains no vowels.

What are some words that have all of the vowels?

The word "favourite" (UK spelling) has all of the classic vowels, AEIOU. The words "facetiously" and "abstemiously" have the six vowels AEIOUY in alphabetical order.

What word contains all vowels in vegetable?


What is the only English word that contains the vowels u-o-i-e-a in that order?


Is there a five letter word that contains five vowels?

If there is, it is not an English word.

What English word contains all vowels inside but no double vowels and does not have the letter y in it?


Which word is made of all the vowels?

Sequoia is a 7 letter word that contains all the vowels. It is a large evergreen tree.

Word with a e i o u y?

The word facetiously not only has all of the vowels in question, but in proper alphabetical order.

What 8 letter word contains all vowels?


Which English word contains five consecutive vowels?


Which word contains one syllable with two vowels?


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