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What would a Springfield double barrel shotgun manufactured pre 1950 be worth?


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I also own springfield however it is a 5100. Now does savage, Stevens, or springfield make this sxs it is a little confusing, because there seems to be a few mft dates 1915 and post ww11 1950? help

AnswerThere are several different models of Springfield doubles, but they are all pretty much the same guns. Any utility double barrel in working condition is worth $150-$250. Less if it is a basket case and more if it is truly like new or 20 gauge or smaller. There is currently a Springfield Inc. and of course there was the US Springfield Armory, but neither of these had anything to do with Springfield shotguns. It was a trade name used first by Crescent probably as early as 1910. Stevens was bought by Savage in the 1920's and continued to make the Stevens tradenames as a semi-independent subsidiary. In the early 30's the Stevens division of Savage bought Crescent and several other small manufacturers and began making most of the Crescent trade names, too. The Springfield name was discontinued in 1948.
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The value of a 1914 Springfield double barrel shotgun made by J Stevens depends on its condition. This model in excellent condition is valued between 599.99 and 699.99 as of 2014.

Springfield Arms shotguns were manufactured by the Stevens division of Savage Arms from 1920 to 1948.

Sold by Sears Roebuck. Probably manufactured by Stevens.

"Your" Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun was manufactured in 1933, giving it an age of 77 years, as of 2010.

as your looking down the gun, the gauge should be stamped on the left barrel back by the stock.

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I am seeking the age of my 410 double barrel shotgun. It came from my grandfather and has the following markings: Springfield Arms Co. Pat Apr 20, 1915 X57709 It has double triggers and is chambered for 2 1/2 shells. Thanks

The gun is worth around $200 to $500 based on the condition of the gun

I too would like some information regarding a 20 gauge J. Stevens Arms Company 'Springfield' double barrel shotgun, the only other markings are 5000 on the right side plate and a circled 22 near the trigger guard.

To determine the exact value of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge double barrel shotgun manufactured in 1878, there are a few factors that would need to be taken into consideration. Most important of these factors being, the condition of the shotgun.

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The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

The Stevens doubles in .410 can reach over $500 in excellent condition.

$100-$250, depending on condition. Less if broken or rusted, a little more if absolutely like new.

There is no need to start a double barrel. A double barrel shotgun needs to be loaded like you would a single barrel shotgun only using two bullets. You then cock the gun, aim, and fire.

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if this is the correct serial number ending in "560" it was manufactured in May of 1860.

Stevens 5100 was manufactured from 1931 until 1941

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