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a Horror from one day at horrorland

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great for halloween
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Q: What would be a good book character dress up idea?
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What would be a good character in a zombie book?

A humorous character.

Who is a good girl character from a book that you can dress up as?

Mary from the Secret Garden Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Who is a good character to dress up as?


Who is a good male movie character to dress up as for Halloween?

A good character to dress up for Halloween is any of the characters from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Is strykar a good name?

For a baby, I would not suggest it. If it is a character in a book, go on ahead.

How do you make a book character?

You have to use your imagination!The best way to invent a character is just to imagine what he or she would be like. Many writers start by imagining a particular character and design a story where that character might be interesting. Other writers start with a good story and try to imagine a character that would fit into the story.Here are some things to think about:What do they look like?How do they dress?How do they act?What are some of their beliefs?What is their personality like?How do they talk?However you do it, here are some good character charts that will help you create your character. They have questions about the character's background, appearance, and personality.

How did the socs dress in the outsiders?

Read the book, it's really good.

Who is a good black female character to dress as for a movie day?

cat woman possibly

Is David Beckham a book character?

Beackam is good

What is a good female book character for world book day?

Alice in Wonderland

What can you wear for world book day?

Clothing would be a good start. Maybe then try dressing up as a character.

Who is a good female movie character to dress up as for a party?

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

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