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Good exercises to lose belly fat would be to work out the abs. The best exercises for that include the bicycle exercise, the captain's chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and long arm crunch.

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Q: What would be a good exercise to lose belly fat?
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Is it possible to diet to lose belly fat?

Yes it is possible to diet and lose belly fat but you have to exercise as well to lose it. Just a diet alone will not be enough to lose it. Yes you will lose some but you need to exercise as well.

Are there any yoga exercises to lose the belly fat ?

Yoga is a good exercise program for strengthening and toning the body and as such would help to lose belly fat. Any good gym will be able to help you choose good exercises for losing belly fat. Keep in mind that you also will need to control your diet for optimum results.

What helps you loose belly fat like speific things?

What will help you to lose fat belly, is to manage your stress levels, exercise, and have a good diet.

Is it possible to lose hanging belly fat?

No it is not possible to lose hanging belly fat through exercise - it usually requires sugery.

If you cannot lose belly fat should you have a tummy tuck?

You can have a tummy tuck if you are unable to lose belly fat. However most doctors would advise a healthy diet and exercise before surgery.

How do you lose belly fat after full hysterectomy?

Unfortunately, the way you lose belly fat after a hysterectomy is the same as before. Diet and exercise will make the difference.

Is there a good belly fat diet?

Belly fat can be difficult to get rid of and you cannot lose weight in just one spot without the help of a plastic surgeon. However if you do want to shrink your belly the best thing to do would be to cut calories and increase the amount of cardio exercise that you do.

How do kids safely lose belly fat?

Kids lose fat by running real fast and try to exercise.

How do you lose belly bulk in a month?

Exercise! Jog/Walk briskly and then do some crunches!

What is a belly fat burner?

A belly fat burner is a food or exercise that helps you lose fat around your belly. Sit ups, crunches or abdominal curls are examples of these.

How can you lose some fat of your belly while you still eat all your favorite food?


How do you lose belly fat if your 10 years old?

Eat fewer and less fattening foods, and get exercise. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.

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