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There is probably a dead short in the system.

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Q: What would be cause the battery gauge to peg out or be buried on a 1991 Ford Bronco?
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What could cause the fuel gauge in a full size Bronco not to work?

The fuel control relay is mounted on the right fender, a foot aft of the battery. It is one of two cube-looking relays mounted there. It is controlled by the Electronic Engine control. Replacement is about $20.

1994 explorer lights dim wipers slow and battery gauge goes to low What would cause this?

Either your battery is dead, or your alternator has failed.

What would cause the battery gauge in a vehicle to move when you use your power mirrors?

The battery gauge in a vehicle will move when you use your power mirrors as your causing a small drain on the battery & lowering the voltage slightly. The effect is normally only really visible when the engine is not running.

What can cause the battery light to come on in a 2000 Expedition but the voltage gauge reads fine?

Possible bad alternator.

Why is the rain gauge buried in the ground?

The rain gauge should be buried in the ground to prevent it from being toppled.The rain gauge should be placed in the buildings as the heat causes the water collected to evaporated.

How battery charger gauge works?

it works in side the battery

What makes the check gauge light come then the battery gauge rolls from side to side?

What year is your car? Did you mean the CHECK ENGINE light? The battery gauge?

What could cause a gas gauge not to work on a 1990 Ford Bronco?

Several things can cause the fuel gauge to stop working. 1.The sending unit in the fuel tank may be malfunctioning or broken. 2.There may be a broken, disconnected, or grounded wire going to the fuel pump/sending unit. 3. There may be a disconnected wire at the gauge cluster, or the gauge cluster itself may be malfunctioning.

Why do gauges fluctuate with turn signals?

Having a short in the turn signal wiring can cause gauges to fluctuate. If the battery gauge is fluctuating corrosion on the cables can be a possible cause.

What would cause the battery gauge in a 94 mercury cougar to go down when idleing but when you push the gas it shoots back up?

Its a sign that either your battery or alternator is starting to fail.

Gas gauge on 1996 Ford Bronco not working what could be wrong and how do you fix it?

sending unit

Why doesn't your temp gauge work in your 89 Bronco?

The temp gauge may stop working on an 89 Ford Bronco if it is defective, the temperature sensor is damaged, or the wiring has come loose. All can readily be fixed by checking each component separately.

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