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water pump will cost about 140 bucks to buy if you are at all mechanical it is an easy do it your self jobremove serpentine belt. remove clutch fan. remove radiator hoses. remove water pump. install new pump. re attach hoses and fam clutch,ansd belt fill with coolant easiest water pump on any vehicle to change

2011-09-13 17:50:58
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Where can you find used ford f 350- parts?

I have a used 7.3 diesel power stroke engine what do you want?

Are Isuzu diesel engines expensive to repair?

Yes just about everything to do on a diesel engine is usually more expensive than that of a regular car engine. This is due to the higher price of diesel engine parts and labor cost to repair.

Is 640 dollars for parts and labor too much to pay for changing all four struts on my 1997 altima gxe?


What are 3 parts of backhand pf Forehand Stroke?

3 parts of backhand and forehand stroke

What is the cost of changing a timing belt on a 2003 Lexus RX?

It willrun $450.00 and change plugs are 240.00 labor plus parts

What is the cost to replace the fuel pump on 1997 ford -350 econoline van with a 7.3 diesel engine?

Aprox $500 parts and labor.

Will 350 Chevy transmission fit a 6.2 diesel?

NO, gas parts and diesel parts do not need to mix.

What is the correct fuel filter for your ford diesel 1994 f250 Not a power stroke?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but according to www . ford parts . com ( no spaces ) For a 1994 Ford F-250 with the 7.3 liter diesel ( NON-DI TURBO ) It takes the ( Motorcraft FD-3375 diesel fuel filter )

Typical price on changing fuel pump on 1999 Toyota Four Runner?

Varies by location, it should be about 2 hours of labor plus parts.

How did Rudolf diesel make the diesel engine?

he took parts and put it together

Is a stroke Disruption Of The Blood Supply Causing Death Of Parts Of The Brain?

A stroke is a disruption of the blood supply causing death of parts of the brain. A stroke is known in medical terms as a cerebrovascular accident.

Cost of changing an air conditioner compressor?

The cost of changing an air conditioner compressor will vary depending on the make and model of vehicle and parts and labor costs. On average, it will cost around $250 and up to replace the compressor.

What is the cost for changing spark plugs labor and parts for 2005 dodge magnum?

dealer wants $265 for plug change. Labor book time is 2 hours. I bought Bosch Platinum plugs at Auto Zone for $50. Local Garage charged me $170 for labor.

What exactly does diesel engine parts mean?

Diesel engine parts are pieces of equipment used to construct a motor that runs on diesel fuel. This should be relatively self-explanatory, given the phrase.

Where can I get Chevy diesel engine parts?

Go straight to the source: Chevrolet. Contact any Chevrolet dealership auto repair and parts department and you can order various diesel engine parts.

Can you convert a jeep in line six to diesel?

No, you cannot convert a gas engine to a diesel engine. A diesel requires much stronger parts.

What is the average labor cost to remove and install a radiator for a 2005 freightliner?

2005 Freightliner.. what? At a diesel shop, you'll be looking at around $110 - $150/hour for labor, plus the cost of parts.. you're looking at at least three to four hours of labor for that job, when you consider disassembling and reassembling the radiator, plus removal and installation.

Are diesel engine parts compatible with a GM V 8 350 motor?

This motor is not compatible with diesel engine parts. As this motor is generally used in smaller GM cars that are a little more than lightweight. You would need a motor for a GM truck to match with diesel parts.

Which stores in Lompoc California sell trailer parts?

Stores in Lompac, California which sale traile parts are : Diesel Injection Systems, Santa Maria Diesel Svc Inc , Horse Power Promotions, Bromit Diesel Inc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a diesel truck?

The advantage of a diesel truck is that diesel burns more efficiently than regular gasoline. However, parts and service for a diesel truck are sometimes higher.

What part of the nervous system is essential for it to work together properly?

All the parts. (Missing parts = a stroke.)

What are the advantages and disadvantages between two stroke and four stroke engines?

AdvantagesTwo strokeHigh power to weight ratioLess number of stroke per circleLess moving parts eg no valve mechanismHigh speed engine due to less moving partsLow service and overhaul cost due to less number of partsFour strokeMore torque even at idling speedNo scavenging problemsNo fresh mixture escaping with exhaust gasesDisadvantagesTwo strokeScavenging problemFresh mixture is escaping with exhaust gases during exhaust strokeNon stable at idling speedFour strokeLow power to weight ratioMore moving parts,not suitable for high speedMore number of stroke per circleHigh service and overhaul cost due to more parts

Why does 4-stroke engine has higher RPM than 2-stroke engine?

the 2 stroke has more rpm than 4 stroke because it has less moving parts and the cycles are faster because there is only 2 and in the 4 stroke there is 4

Is there Sales tax on labor to fix computers?

This depends on how you complete your invoices that you give to your customers. For instance, if you list one amount for repair of a computer, then you will have to pay sales tax on the entire amount. If you list parts and labor separately on your invoices, then you will be liable for sale tax only on the amount of the parts and not for labor. Your parts amount will be required to reflect your cost for the parts plus an amount for profit and handling of the parts. If you try to get cute and bill for $1 on parts and $100 for labor on a repair that had parts, they will disallow the separation so you have to be truthful on your billing and it is expected that the parts amount will be more than your cost for the parts.

Do you charge sales tax on labor in Illinois?

Sales tax is charged on parts, etc. not labor.