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I would check to see if there is a leak in the the slave cylinder for the clutch. I just had to do this for my 1997 5 speed ex, there was a leak i went to the local autoparts store and bought a new slave cylinder, cost me about 20 bucks and a half hour time. For a quick fix just bleed it.

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Q: What would be the problem with a 5 speed 95 civic if the hydraulic clutch wont disengage all the way therefore you can't get into gears?
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93tercel new clutch kit installed i have a problem getting the car into gear without stalling when i push the clutch it does not want to disengage the tranny all the way once u get in gear it stalls?

clutch needs adjusting,or if a hydraulic operated clutch, the system needs proper bleeding

What should be done to correct a clutch that will not disengage on a 1994 HD sportster?

A clutch not disengaging is usually a hydraulic issue. Check your clutch fluid. Then check your clutch master and slave cylinders for leaks.

Clutch will not disengage?

If it's a hydraulic clutch, try bleeding the slave cylinder. Manual linkage, try adjusting the clutch. If no help, something's wrong with the pressure plate and you need a new clutch.

Your clutch on 86 Honda prelude is slipping.can it be that the hydraulic clutch reservoir is low where can you check this out?

No, slipping is not affected by low hydraulic fluid level. The hydraulics of your clutch only DISENGAGE your clutch, they do not engage it. If it's slipping, it's either worn out, the pressure plate springs have weakened or you have oil on the clutch disk.

How would you know if air is present in a hydraulic clutch linkage?

hydraulics work because fluids are considered a non-compressible material. therefore when you put your foot down on the clutch pedal it pushes the hydraulic fluid pressure through the line to disengage the clutch. if there is air in the line the air bubble will compress (gases ARE compressible) and you will feel a "spongy pedal" and you will have to "pump" the clutch pedal to move that air bubble down the hydraulic line before you get a "good" clutch

How can a adjust the clutch pedal on my 1993 Chevy s10 pickup to make it disengage the clutch closer to the floor?

where and how to adjust clutch pedal 1993 s10 It is hydraulic operated, there is no adjustment.

Why Wont my clutch engage on 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

If the clutch won't engage, the clutch disc or pressure plate has probably broke apart. If the clutch won't disengage, the clutch hydraulic fluid reservoir is empty because of a leak in the system.

Can you adjust the clutch on a Chevy S-10?

If it's a hydraulic clutch there isn't an adjustment. Just make sure the fluid is up. If it still slips or won't disengage you probably need to replace the clutch.

Does a ford 2005 focus have a hydraulic clutch?

Yes, it does have a hydraulic clutch Yes, it does have a hydraulic clutch

Why does my clutch get stuck on my 98 Camry?

Try to be a little more specific when you describe how the clutch gets "stuck". Do you mean that it won't dis-engage, or do you mean that it won't engage? If it won't disengage, it could be a problem with the hydraulics, in which case you'll probably need to track down whether there is a leak in the master cylinder or slave cylinder, whether the fluid is low or if there is a mechanical problem with the hydraulic clutch system. A clutch that won't disengage can also be caused by a damaged clutch disk, throwout bearing or pressure plate. If it won't ENGAGE, it is probably a problem with the physical clutch disk and/or pressure plate.

Does a 88 prelude Si 4ws have a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch?

It has a hydraulic clutch

Clutch pedal staying in?

Broken clutch fork or hydraulic line if a hydraulic clutch.

Does a 2003 Astra have clutch cable or hydraulic clutch?


How do you adjust a hydraulic clutch on a 1992 ford f350?

You don't. Hydraulic clutches are by their very nature self adjusting, if the clutch will not work correctly then you are low on fluid or have another problem.

Why wont clutch disengage Replaced clutch on 92 240sx after trans swap and clutch will not disengage Cylinders are moving and fork is moving what else could it be?

It could possibly be your clutch pedal height. I had to fix the problem in my car, had the same thing happening. Go to your local shop or look up on the interweb and find out how to adjust the clutch pedal height.

Does a 2007 corsa have a cable clutch or hydraulic clutch?

A 2007 corsa would be a hydraulic clutch

How do you adjust 95 saturn sl2 clutch it goes to the floor?

The clutch is not adjustable, it's hydraulic and as such adjusts itself. The problem you are describing is the result of a failed clutch system, typically a leaky hydraulic component.

Why not my Peugeot go in to gear when running but will when stud?

You have a clutch problem The clutch is not releasing correctly and the the car will not go into gear This is probably a problem with the hydraulic clutch system.

What causes a 1994 suzuki intruder cable not release for changing gears?

Do you mean that when you pull in the clutch it won't disengage? The Intruder has a hydraulic clutch. It's usually because you need to bleed the air out of your clutch system or that your hydraulic fluid (DOT 4 brake fluid) is very dirty. You do this the same way you would bleed the brakes. George in Seattle

Is a 1997 Chevy S-10 a hydraulic clutch?

It is a hydraulic operated clutch.

How do you fix a hydraulic clutch or add oil to the hydraulic clutch?

Ford 250 1994

Is there a hydraulic clutch on a 1992 Mazda Miata?

Yes, all miata's have a hydraulic clutch.

Does a Toyota starlet have a hydraulic clutch?

Yes, mine has just popped and therefore have found this out myself.

What is wrong if you have a 1994 Probe that wont go into 2ND 4TH or Reverse pushing clutch all the way in but will go into 1ST 3RD and 5TH shifting hard recently?

Most likely, the clutch or the clutch pilot bearing is dragging. This is caused by clutch hydraulic leaks not letting the clutch fully disengage or the clutch pressure plate/disc/flywheel is warped. Crawl under the car, (engine off)have a friend push/release pedal, see if slave cylinder throw seems adequate and look for leaks. If throw is short, problem is in the clutch hydraulics; if throw is normal, problem is the clutch.

On my 95 ranger the clutch will disengage but will not reengage for 5-10 seconds after i release pedal could this be a slave cylinder problem?

Sounds like your clutch disc is worn out and slipping.