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Assuming there isn't transmission damage, you probably have a kickdown cable. It's a cable that gets pulled on when you press the gas. It takes into account how hard your gas pedal is down, and delays shifting the closer you are to WOT. (wide open throttle) Perhaps it is a little too tight. Becareful though - if it's not the problem and you move the kickdown cable, you can damage the tranny if you make it shift too hard. So make sure you scribe a mark or something before you even touch it so you know where it was originally. There will likely be a bracket of sorts that allows minor adjustment.

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Does an 1988 topaz transmission fit a 1990 topaz?

If it is the same engine, both either standard or auto, might have to check if the 1990 had over drive, cause the 88 or most of them did not.

Installed new single barrel carb on 1984 mercury topaz now have to feather throttle to shift up from low 2nd and to drive but the trans takes too long to shift on its own like out of sync link or sen?

Transmission shift linkage installed incorrectly or out of adjustment.

What if the speedometer will not work and the transmission will not shift on a 1993 mercury topaz?

Check the fuses, if fuses are okay, it is probably the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) or wiring to it at fault.

Automatic Transmission 1987 topaz?

and the question is?

1994 mercury topaz with automatic transmission does not shift out of first gear rpm's go up but no tranny response help is there a sensor or switch that may be faulty and where is it?

The switching is done within the transmission by internal pressure. YOu may just be low on fluid. I have had this happen to my 93 topaz three times (plus a fourth that happened before I got the car). Every time it happened the fluid level was full. The tranny used (ATX) on the topaz has a governor on it. If the governor is not set right it will not shift. I have had to have the governor gear replaced Dec. 2005 because of this. Once you have one problem with the transmission you may have problems the rest of the car's life. I am now on my 4th transmission.

How do you change the clutch in a 1991 topaz?

Have to remove the transmission for that.

What is the Transmission capacity of a Mercury Topaz?

There isn't a transmission capacity the only thing you go by is the amount of gears it has.

Can a transmission out of a 92 mercury topaz fit in a 1991 ford tempo?

Possibly. Look at the model # on each transmission. If they are the same, then they are interchangeable.

How do you install the neutral safety switch on 1993 Mercury Topaz?

the swwitch is on top of the transmission

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

it depends on whether your car is automatic or manual shift.

What causes the manual transmission in a 1985 Topaz 5 speed to want to shift into first gear but be hard to shift to other gears?

It could be a warped clutch disk, a faulty pressure plate, poor adjustment or air in the hydraulic clutch line. If it shifts somewhat normal when the engine is off it's a clutch problem.

What kind of automatic transmission fluid for 1987 Mercury Topaz?

Dexron 3 will do just fine.

How does one get a 1994 Mercury Topaz transmission to shift when it has a problem and will not A switch or sensor to replace?

the first step that should be taken is to have the transmission serviced, this should include removing transmission pan, draining fluid, removing and replacing filter and pan gasket. then if the problem persists it would be best to have the vehicles computer scanned to see if any problems are present with the transmission. usually the computer will store fault codes which will help pinpoint the problem.

How many different types of topaz are there?

There are white topaz,anastasia topaz,automn topaz,golden topaz,rainbow topaz,peacock topaz,green topaz,london blue topaz,blush\pink topaz,garnet.

What is the fuel capcityof a 1989 mercury topaz?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1989 Mercury Topaz ( front wheel drive ) ( 15.9 US. gallons )

Where do you put transmission fluid in 1993 Mercury Topaz?

Down same tube that holds trans dipstick.

How many gallons does a 1991 mercury topaz hold?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1991 Mercury Topaz ( front wheel drive ) ( 15.9 US. gallons )

How do you get a 1987 Mercury Topaz automatic transmission to shift into high gear?

My 85 Topaz auto is doing the same a 'phone diagnostic discussion w/a transmission specialist, he suggested the most likely culprit to be a governor either on or in the tranny, which operates by hydraulic pressure to change gears at certain speeds and RPMs. Apparently I'll have to have it repaired. However, I'm going to change the fluid first, to see if that has any effect. As of this date, 3-8-'10, the repair estimate is in the $300 ballpark.

Where is the automatic transmission drain on a topaz?

If you don't see one on the trans pan, it does not have one. Pan must be removed.

How many gallons does the tank of a 1991 mercury topaz hold?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair manual : For a 1991 Mercury Topaz ( front wheel drive ) ( 15.9 US. gallons )

What is a Caribbean topaz?

Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.

How do you adjust the transmission linkage on a 93 mercury topaz manual transmission?

The 1993 Mercury manual transmission linkage will have adjustment nuts on each end of the linkage. Turning the adjustment nuts will move the linkage back in forth.

How do you replace a transmission clutch on a 1994 Mercury Topaz?

Big job. You have a choice, remove the whole engine with the transmission, or just the transmission. Either way you have to be equipped with the right tools. Best is to find someone to do the job for you. It will cost.

Where is the starter located on a 1992 mercury topaz?

Usally left side in front of transmission if not follow battery cable wire

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