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If you didn't run down the battery, trying to start your car. It could be the alternator. If you did, it could be the fuel pump. Just guessing from what you have said.

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If it takes 600 N of force to move a stalled truck 30 meters and you do it in 15 seconds?


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Car stalled at stop sign would not restart?

turn off all electricals like head light, sterio etc..... trun off ignition completely & try starting the car after 10 seconds

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Your key is stuck in 1997 Mazda Millenia and it won't go into park Any suggestions?

Question: Is the car running or stalled? If stalled try starting it. If the key won't turn to start it or move to another position, try to move your steering wheel out of the locked position. Somtimes when there is resistance, or pressure against the lock you will not be able to turn the key - on or off. Question: Are you stopped on an incline? If so, the gear may not allow you to move to park (or out of park sometimes) if there is positive resistance on the transmission. This would prevent you from putting in park.

How do you stop a vehicle with stalled engine?

Press the brake ?!?

What do you do if your car is stalled in the desert?

drink the water out of the radiator...

Why was Halloween stalled during world war ii?


94 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0. starts and dies.brief injecter pulse what to look for?

, i had that problem in a 2001 it started ran 2 seconds and stalled had to get a new pcm (brain) but , sometimes your keys my need to be recoded . Msbabypearl

What is wrong when 2003 Pontiac sunfire started stalled started brake pedal was hard to push when trying to back up and stalled?

why is my brake pedal hard on 2003 sunfirer

What causes a 85 300zx to be hard to start at first idles rough for about 30 seconds then runs fine?

mass air flow (maf) causes the running ruff but not really the stalled start my z and many others have this same problem

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