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Possible ignition. Are the cap,rotor,wires,and spark plugs all good? These are the common reasons.

AnswerEither is possible. If it's a regular miss caused by a plug, wire or distributor cap, one of the spark plugs will be fouled or wet at a minimum. Check that first.

It's always possible that there is a problem with one of the valves, so you might want to run a compression check. If one cylinder has far lower compression than the others, it's probably a valve.

If it's an irregular miss it could still be the distributor, but it's more likely a carb problem if you've eliminated all of the other problems.

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Q: What would cause a 1974 Chevy with fairly new rebuilt motor to skip Is it in the carburetor or ignition system?
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A vehicle with a carburetor has a venturi.

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It is largely dependant on the carburetor, intake manifold, exhaust system, and ignition systems used, as well as how you route the air in to the carburetor. The best bet is to test on a dynomometer. I would guess in the neighborhood of 230 hp. with stock intake and ignition parts...

How do you set the timing on a Kawasaki 360 Prairie 4x4 ATV?

Not sure what timing is meant but the service manual states: "The exhaust emission control system applied to this engine family is engine modifications that consist of a modified carburetor and an ignition system having optimum ignition timing characteristics."

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It does not have a carburetor; it has a multi-point injection fuel system.

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No, it has a Multi-Point Fuel Injection system. There is no carburetor.

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Schematic of carburetor of 1985 Chrysler fifth avenue?

If your car is running poorly it is more likely the "lean burn system" located in the air cleaner. This is an over done electric ignition that after 20 years is probably shot. NAPA sells the replacement module for $135.00. A MOPAR electric ignition conversion kit #P3690426 is about $200.00 and will fix your problem for good. Don't go into the carb until you try the ignition. I did and it was the ignition system which I replaced and it runs great with the kit.

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explain the flow of current in ignition system

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A computer should not have an ignition system.

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The engine is fuel injected ( no carburetor ) on a 2004 Ford Taurus

What does the ignition system do?

The Ignition system opperates the ellectrical equipment required to ignite the fuel in the engine.

Where is the carburetor on a 1991 Dodge dynasty engine located?

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No, it has a throttle body fuel injection system (TBFI). It may look like a carburetor but it is not. The injector is mounted inside the throttle body that looks like a carburetor.

What is a Water Choke Carburetor?

It is a carburetor where the engine coolant is routed through the choke system of the carburetor. When the coolant is cold the choke will close. As the engine coolant heats up it opens the choke.

Why does a Briggs and Stratton 4.5 HP lawn mower engine surge?

Surging is the result of a "lean" fuel mixture, meaning too much air and not enough fuel. The problem is most likely a dirty carburetor or an air leak in the intake system. To fix, inspect the carburetor and intake manifold for cracks or looseness. Tighten all fasteners to ensure all seams are airtight. Clean out the carburetor with some carb spray and blow out all holes/orifices with compressed air. If problem persists, carburetor must be removed and disassembled/rebuilt.

Is there a Distributor cap diagram for 99 explorer 4.0l?

The ignition system on it is D.I.S. ( Distributorless Ignition System)

How does apdv system work?

An APDV System stands for Advanced Pro Series Digital Variable Ignition System. It is mainly an ignition system that is controlled electronically.

How do you clean carburetor of Renault 19 with the spray i cant locate the carburetor?

You do not state the year of your Renault. Unless it is a very early model, It may not have a carburetor to find. It will have a fuel injection system instead.

Is carburetor an engine part?

Though it sits on top of the engine a carburetor is actually a part of the the fuel delivery system. The carburetor is no longer a part of the modern automobile, being replace by the electronic fuel injection system in the late 1980's - early 1990's.