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What would cause a 1986 dodge Aries 2.5 to have no fuel and no spark?

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Try checking you fuse boxes, and if all of your fuses are fine, then start by looking at wiring for loose connections, bad wires, and if its not that then check the computer of the vehicle, if all else fails take it to a local know mechanic, and not to Canadian tire, or Walmart if you can help it.

After following the normal troubleshooting, as mentioned above, one item to check would be the pick up coil. This item is a known potential problem on some K-cars, especially if the engine has ran for a while then stalls.

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What would cause a coil to have spark but not the spark plugs on a 1975 dodge dart 360?

start with dist cap and rotor

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1993 Dodge Aries?

The dodge Aries was discontinued in 1989, but I would try looking under the passenger side of the car, in front of the rear tire.

What would cause a 98 dodge neon ruff idle?

you probobly just need to change your spark plugs and wires.

What would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to just die and will turn over but not engage?

Check for spark at the plugs. Check for fuel to the engine.

Why would the center of a spark blow out in your dodge truck?


Why would the power loss light on a 1986 dodge Aries keep coming on?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

What is the spark plug gap for 2002 dodge stratus?

that would be 0.042

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What would cause engine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 dodge durango 5.9 L?

Putting in bad fuel can cause theÊengine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 Dodge Durango. There could also be a problem with the fuel filter or dirty spark plugs.

How do you get a rats nest out of the vent system in a 1988 dodge Aries?

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What would cause random miss fires in a 1999 Dodge 1500 4x4 5.2L?

Spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, dirt in the injctors.....

What is the purpose of a part throttle unlock solenoid?

So this would cause the car to only run if manually pressing throttle?? Have a 1987 Dodge Aries station wagon

What would cause a 1997 dodge ram to misfire on cylinder 5?

Spark plug, plug wire, distributor cap, injector, internal engine in a blown head gasket.

What would cause a 1995 dodge ram 3500 van have weak spark when warm?

A bad coil, improper rotor air gap, or corroded spark plug wires or terminals could cause this. Try hooking it up to a lab scope, it will give you more information on exactly what is happening.

What sensor could cause no spark on a 1995 caprice?

No spark would usually be the ignition coil.

What would make a 98 dodge Dakota miss fire on number 4 cylinder?

Probably the spark plug or spark plug wires, I would try that first.

What would cause one spark plug wire to arc to the engine at the spark plug boot?

bad spark plug wire.

What would cause 2000 dodge full size van to stop running for no apparent reason?

Check for fuel (bad fuel pump) Check for spark (bad coil pack)

Would the computer cause no spark?

It could.It could.

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

Why would 1998 Dodge ram van turn over but not start?

Fuel, Spark, Compression?

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What would cause a 1997 dodge ram to misfire on cylinder 4 and 6?

Spark plug, plug wire, distributor cap, injector, internal engineSpark plug, plug wire, distributor cap, injector, internal engine