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What would cause a 1995 Honda Civic to lose power only when it is warm outside?

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2015-07-17 17:36:12
2015-07-17 17:36:12

It's possible it's sucking hot air from the engine compartment. If you've got a stock air intake - see if you can't find a better location for the intake below the filter box. Obviously hotter air means less density, means less air, means less power.

It sounds like your car may be getting a to hot(overheating).

Check fuel pump relay plug/switch (not sure of location on '95 but located on '92 model under dash near fuse box on driver's side). Heat from inside the car, over time, may have degraded connections which is noticeable on warm/hot days.

Check the ignitor inside the distributor. If the car shuts off after driving all of a sudden, then its most likely the ignitor. Most people replace the whole distributor for about $250, but the ignitor can be bought for around $110.

also, depending on the mileage, you may need to do a fuel and emission system tune up (refer to your owners manual). PCV, EGR, O2 sensor(costly), etc.... those hot emmission gases are recycled and burned again for economical reasons.


this is a bad main relay. common Honda problem

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