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It is overheating because the fan is not working. The fan may have a Defective fan thermal relay, bad fan, blown fuse, or disconnected or loose wiring.

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What causes your 2001 grand Cherokee to overheat have new radiator and thermostat?

Low coolant, inoperative water pump, head gasket failure, inoperative radiator fan, etc.

What causes overheating in a Toyota?

A bad water pump or thermostat can cause an engine to overheat. A plugged (clogged) radiator or heater core may also cause an engine to overheat.

What damage can a dried up radiator cause?

It will almost certainly cause your car to overheat, which can lead to costly damage if it cracks a head gasket! Put some water in your radiator!

What would cause a 1997 Dodge Intrepid to continue to overheat after replacing the water pump and thermometer?

it is possible your radiator is clogged

Why would a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheat?

Low coolant, inoperative radiator fan, stuck thermostat, slipping belt, failed water pump, etc.

What could cause 4.6northstar engine to overheat even after changing the water pump thermostat radiator cap?

You have a blown head gasket.

Is it safe to drive a car leaking antifreeze?

No it is not. It could be a problem with the radiator, a radiator hose or a water pump. In any situation, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage it severely.

When the car overheat how can you put a water in a radiator?

when the enjine was turnoff sometime and then open the radiator and fill it

Could a head gasket make your engine over heat?

A faulty head gasket can cause a coolant loss which will cause an overheat. Exhaust getting into the water jacket will cause it to overheat very quickly. 5 minutes, 10 miles. With it cold, take the radiator cap off and start the car. Water should shoot out the radiator a couple of feet high.

What might cause a 2002 Chevy silverado to overheat?

In order of probablility: low coolant level, faulty thermostat, plugged radiator, damaged water pump, collapsing radiator hose.

What might cause a 1993 Mazda mpv to overheat?

Low coolant Bad radiator cap Dirty or plugged radiator Thermostat cooling fan not working Water pump Collapsing hoses

What would cause a 1995 mercury villager to overheat?

The Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest are basically the same vehicle. The radiator is cooled by an electric fan and thermostat. If either of these are malfuntioning, that could be the cause. Otherwise, all of the normal things such as low coolant, bad water pump, clogged radiator, bad radiator hoses, bad thermostat,and incorrect timing could all cause the engine to overheat.

What could cause a 1997 Isuzu rodeo to run hot?

first , the thermostat could be stuck. try replacing it. if your radiator OS losing coolant, there may be a leak in the radiator causing it to overheat, or the water pump could be bad. thermostat is the likely cause if it is not losing water.

What could cause a PT Cruiser to overheat and blow water out of the surge tank only at idle and when there are no blown head gasket symptoms?

An inoperative radiator fan is likely.An inoperative radiator fan is likely.

What happens when there is no water in the radiator?

When there is no water in the radiator, a car can overheat. Serious damage can occur like a blown head gasket an warping if one drives for a long time without placing water in the radiator.

You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

Why do 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokees overheat?

no water in radiator? when is it over heating and in what conditions

What happens if you put oil in car radiator?

Circulating water will not be sufficient and the car will overheat.

Why does your 2001 Chevy tracker overheat?

Bad radiator, gaskets, water pump, thermostat

What can cause the 2001 Nissan Frontier to overheat?

several things 1. no radiator coolant 2. thermostat is bad 3. needs new water pump 4. make sure engine/radiator fan is running

If the engine cooling fan on a 1995 camaro is broken does the car overheat?

yes. but there are several other things that can cause it to overheat. not enough coolant, bad belt, radiator blocked, bad thermostat,bad water pump to name a few.

What would make a 2002 Pontiac sunfire overheat?

A lack of water in your cooling system will cause your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire to overheat. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause it to overheat.

How can you tell if peugeot 106 p reg needs water in the radiator?

the engine will overheat!for a start ,and the dash water temperature light will come on!there will be steam coming from the radiator...

What could cause a 1995 dodge ram 1500 pickup to overheat?

Low coolant? Thermostat not opening? Radiator plugged? Radiator air flow restricted? Hoses collapsing? System airbound? Water pump not working (defective impellor)? Bad radiator cap?

Why do dodge neons overheat?

faulty water pump, electric fan, or a clogged radiator> With dodge motors it is usually a clogged radiator. Drain it