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What would cause a 1997 V6 Toyota Camry automatic to stall due to low or zero rpm when at complete stop?


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2006-03-03 11:49:22
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I was having the same trouble with my '89 Camry, try switching out your distributer cap and rotor, also check out your spark plugs AND wires. I replaced all of the above listed and have'nt had any trouble since. Good luck!

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A bad fuel injector can cause your 2004 Toyota Camry to smoke when you start it up. A plugged air filter can also cause it to smoke.

Yes if it is the 2.2l engine it will fit you just have to plug the distributor hole cause 97 has coil packs

A bad fuel line can cause a 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration. This happens when the line can not get proper fuel to the engine.

The blower motor resistor is defective.

Oil can either be burned, or it can leak

A rattle in the right front fender of a Toyota Camry may indicate that you need a wheel alignment. It could also point to a problem with your struts.

Bad wiring can cause a short in the radio. Bad battery will not.

There are a number of things that may cause a 1990 Toyota Camry to lose power. Some of the common things include adulterated fuel, spark plugs failure and so much more.

Toyota Camry coil wire can burn out from age or excessive use. The manufacturer recommends that you change the coil wire every 30,000 miles.

Burning oil in a Toyota Camry can be caused by a manufacturer's defect in the engine's pistons. A worn out valve cover gasket can also cause burning oil.

No, the '99 Toyota Camry has a non-interference engine, where the piston and valve path do not interfere with each other. The timing belt breaking will cause your car to stop working, but will not cause valve damage.

There are a few reasons that could cause the speedometer to stop working on your Toyota Camry. If the mileage is still working then the speedometer cable end is damaged. If both the odometer and speedometer do not work then the cable is most likely broken.

Dead interior light fuses or the bulb if it's assumed no major problems.

If the check engine light is or has been illuminated, start with checking for codes.

If a Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off, it is likely a fuel delivery issue. There are several items that it could be as well. Oxygen sensors do cause malfunctions as well as leaking hoses, bad spark plugs and/or wires, and even a dirty fuel filter.

No, it means that it's time to change oil or one of components has failed and has to be replaced.

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