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you obvoiusly havent bled all the air out of the system after replacing all those parts ..... go back to the workshop and do it again ... propperly this time b4 you kill someone Reply to Answer you obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about. you probably should do some research before you tell someone they haven't done their job properly. for your information, replacing the lower ball joints solved the problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 15:12:34
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Q: What would cause a 1997 thunderbird to pull hard to the right when braking calipers hoses pads and rotors have been changed when you release the brakes it stops pulling?
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Why does the car keep Pulling to one side when braking?

because the left wheels gets pooped on

91 STEALTH front caliper sticking after driving for a kinks in the line changed hoses worked great for about 2 days then gradually locks obstruction between master cyl caliper or what?

Typically, sticking calipers are just worn calipers. You may just need to replace them. Calipers often stick when they get older and when they do so the brakes tend to wear rapidly and you'll get some pulling to one side. Always replace calipers on both sides so that both will function equally.

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How do you replace rotr on a 2003 gran vitara?

i am assuming it is the same procedure as an xl7. front rotors are replaced by pulling the wheels and removing the calipers. the rotor is easily removed. calipers are held in place by two bolts

Can you tow a 1996 Ford Thunderbird with 4 wheels on ground?

Yes most of the time you can when you are pulling the Bird backwards. When pulling from the front, it is possible, but take your time and watch what you are hooking around.

Can the mainbearings in a 350 be changed with out pulling the engine?

absolutly not

What is it called when change from a higher to lower gear to allow the engine to have greater pulling or braking power while driving?


What does it mean when your car is jerking and pulling?

Check brakes for seized caliper causing the pulling & this may have warped a rotor causing the jerking. Rule of thumb is if it pulls left on braking then the right brake is sticking

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Why would a Chevy Malibu 98 ring or squeal while driving whether straight turning reversing braking or speeding and also sound changes pitch when braking and usually stops?

Sounds like it might be a brake pad thickness warning sensor that gets torqued when braking enough to move away from the rotor only when braking forward. It would be worth pulling the wheels off and taking a look.

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Why would a 91 Toyota Cressida pull to one side when you push the brake?

You have a brake line to the calipers that is collapsing. A mechanic will tell you which side it is by the direction it is pulling to. Caliper Piston binding on that side

Tips on changing spark plugs on a '93 thunderbird?

#1 thing one wire at a time twist the plug boots one full round before pulling off

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Why would a car be pulling left and right when trying to stop it?

The brakes are defective. The pressures on the brakes and the friction material should be even so that the vehicle pulls up in a straight line. Check things like: Worn pads Worn disc rotors Seized calipers and pistons Contamination on brake surfaces. Worn suspension could also cause the random drifting when braking. Check ball joints and rubber bushes for excessive play. Check dampers.

Can pulling the spark plugs off of a 1997 Grand Am affect the radio and headlights or anything electrical?

NO. I just had mine changed out.

2004 ford xls your milage is 65355 when you are driving it seems like your pulling some thing your oil and transmission filters and oils have all been changed but it still is acting like your pulling?

could it be your tires need balancing or maybe an allignment

Can you disable the antilock braking system on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

you can disable it by pulling the relay or better yet the fuse. its under the hood where all of the relays are. i have a 98 and its on the drivers side. on the cover, it will tell you which are which. just pull it out when the car is off and no more ABS.

How do you know if you need calipers?

If the vehicle pulls to one side or the other, it can indicate a sticky caliper. And if the inner pad, for example, is worn down and the others aren't. That would also indicate a sticky caliper. Best thing to do is take apart the brakes and clean all surfaces, make sure the caliper pins are clean and lubricated and the calipers slide freely. If the caliper can not slide freely, then it will stick causing pulling and premature brake wear.

Why is your Chevrolet express brakes hold in one wheel?

Had same problem with front brake caliper freezing up, caused pulling to one side during driving, but would change when braking. Replacement was $20 at autozone, replaced in 1/2 hour.

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