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Compressor/clutch is about to go bad, if has a serpentine belt when it does no driving the car, better get it checked while car can drive, oh ya stop using AC till its checked.

2011-09-13 17:52:32
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What could cause 2000 4Runner SR5 horn to beep spontaneously with or without keys in ignition while driving idling or parked with no one in it?

Also, the Toyota Tacoma 4X4 SR5, without Keys, parked, no one in it?

96 S10 Chevrolet pickup after driving 80 miles you parked and had a big puddle of water over flow when parked?

96 S10 chev pickup after driving 80 miles you parked and had a big puddle of water over flow when parked?

Is it illegal in QLD to have an unregistered car parked in the driveway?

No its not illegal to have it parked out of motion but if you were to be driving then yes it is

Who is at fault if the driver of a parked vehicle opens his door and it is hit by a car driving by?

driver of parked vehicle

What is the Safe driving distance from parked cars?


Who is at fault when a parked car doors swings into a driving car?

The owner of the parked car is at fault if they open their door into traffic. Their insurance should pay for the damages to the driving car.

Who pays when a parked car is hit?

The driver of the car that was driving when the accident occured. The owner of the parked car should not be responsible unless the car was parked in an illegal place or position.

When driving past parked cars on the right you should?

slow down

Can you get a driving while suspended ticket while parked on private property?


What is the maximum speed limit when driving with 25 feet of a parked aircraft?


What is Pennsylvania's law on cell phone use while driving?

no interaction with your phone while driving, even when parked. thewasd5009

Who is at fault when a car backs into a parked car and the parked car rolls into another parked car?

Come on, you know the answer to this. The person driving the car that caused the damage to the two parked cars is responsible for all damage. Who else would be at fault? Accept responsibility for your actions.

Which is not a result of poor peripheral vision?

Driving farther from parked cars or something like that

What is the maximum speed when driving within 25 feet of a parked aircraft?

5 mph

Can you go to prison for hitting a parked car and driving off in the UK?

Yes potentially

What distance should you maintain between your moving vehicle and a parked car?

A safe distance, there is no defined limits of this type as driving near parked cars is situational (at best).

How do you program the garage door button on a 2007 Chrysler pacifica?

When you are parked close to the door opener hold down the button until the light becomes slower.

When do you have to have car insurance?

If you are driving a car or have it parked on a public street or parking lot then it must have insurance

With vehicle is in park a loud noise from rear of vehicle when the gas pedal is pressed down?

when the vehicle is parked they are raising the motor, Or when passing by it rattles the window

If a parked car opens door street side and passing car hits it who is responsible?

If the parked car opens the door and passing car hits it, it is usually the responsibility of the parked car owner. There might be an exception to this if the car going by is speeding or driving recklessly.

What is the speed limit when driving a general purpose vehicle within 25ft of a parked aricraft?

5 mph

Why does a Toyota door lock when it is parked and running?

Because your car is running and they dont want someone to hop in your car and steal it

Who is at fault in California when a parked car opens their door into the passenger side of your car while you are driving?

I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off. I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off.

If your car is parked illegally and someone is driving down a one way street drunk the wrong way and hits your car are they responsible to pay for the car or are you because your car was illegally?

The owner of the illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed, but the "at fault" driver is responsible for the damages to the parked vehicle.

What happens if you get caught driving without a tag in the state of California?

You will get a ticket and the vehicle will either have to be parked, towed, or impounded.