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What would cause a 405 diesel 94 to be difficult to start in the morning after fitting new glow plugs?

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βˆ™ 2006-04-03 12:54:33

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i have the same problem on my 306 i changed the battery and starting was much improved although i still need to change one of my glow plus i cannot get to * You have probably shorted out the +12v supply wire to the top of the glow plug. It is easily done and is easily corrected. Examine all of your wires to the glow plugs. At the end of each one should be a small ring crimp going over the threaded post and held on with either a 6mm or 8mm nut. These crimps should be only touching the threaded post, and not the glow plug body. They are very thin metal and easily bent to touch the body of the glow plug, hence not giving the heater element inside the juice to work. Good luck space cadet. air leaks in the fuel system .pay attention to the "o" rings on the filter housing they can let in air over night but not show any signs of leaking Cracked pipes could cause it, defective glow plugs can also cause poor starting. DEFECTIVE FUEL PUMP CAN ALSO CAUSE IT! WHEN YOU GOT TO THE CAR IN THE MORNING, SEE IF THEIR IS AIR IN THE SYSTEM BY PUMPING UP THE RUBBER BULB ON THE FUEL LINE (NEAR TIMING BELT/LHS LOOKING AT ENGINE) IF IT NEEDS MORE THAN A FEW PUMPS, AIR IS GETTING INTO THE SYSTEM! WHEN YOU TRY STARTING, THE AIR HAS TO BE SUCKED INTO THE PUMP THEN THE DIESEL. ONCE THE DIESEL GETS IN IT STARTS! PUT AN 8MM DRILL BIT INTO THE PIPE WHERE IT ENTERS THE FUEL PUMP, THEN PUMP THE FUEL BULB TILL IT'S HARD. LEAVE THE CAR OVERNIGHT AND TRY THE BULB IN THE MORNING. IF THE BULB IS HARD THE PUMP IS LETTING AIR INTO THE SYSTEM, IF NOT THE FAULT LIES IN THE PIPES OR THE FUEL FILTER. check the starter motor or the distributor, if there is a faulty connexion in the wires of the starter motor or a faulty connexion with the cables from the distributor to the glow plugs, then it can cause the car to struggle to start. This problem will also start to drain the battery so be careful.

2006-04-03 12:54:33
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