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From experience, a problem with the fuel system, possibily a clogged filter, faulty relay, or faulty pump.

It can also be the "Automatic Choke" on the carburater-especially on older models. It sticks and then when the motoer cools down it opens back up. Its located on the right side in a circular housing. If your car is staring up after cooling down it would be a good guess.
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Crank shaft sensor.

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You change the high/low beam by pulling the signal lever towards you and then again to return.

Why does the oil light come on the oil gauge drops then the light goes off and the gauge works again in your 2001 expedition?

If you are talking about at startup, this is normal. If you are talking about after startup, then either you are low of oil, defective or incorrect filter, have a defective oil pump, oil sending unit, or bad gage.

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i don't know about the beetle, but in some cars to get the alarm to turn off you have to lock the car, get out and close the doors, then use the key to open the door again and start the car.

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