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Sounds Like Your Voltage Regulator Is Bad. This Is Inside The Alternator On Most Cars. You May Have To Remove It For A Test. But Lots Of Parts Houses Can Test Unit On The Car. Also Your Battery May Be Weak. Start With The Alternator First. Good Luck The alternator could be marginal. If one or more of the diodes are faulty the alternator will not be capable of producing enough current. You should be able to have the alternator tested at a local auto parts retailer such as checker, Kragen or Auto Zone. If a diode is faulty those tests can certainly detect it.

2006-07-29 04:40:11
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Q: What would cause a battery to drain and not charge with the headlights on but charge up fine with the lights off?
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What will cause a ford f150 not to have any power no headlights no dash lights like i don't have no battery or either my starter is bad but its not what can cause this to happen?

If you have no battery then you have no power.

What would cause your brake lights to not come on with the headlights on If the headlights are off the brake lights are fine?

Possible ground issue at the taillights.

What could cause a 97 Hyundai Elantra to die after turning the headlights on and it not being the alternator?

Bad/shorted battery? (doesn't not hold a charge)

Could your starter cause your battery not to charge?

No, a starter cannot cause a battery to fail to charge. It could cause the battery to discharge quickly.

97 Honda civic lights dim and engine dies?

The most common cause for your 1997 Honda Civic lights to dim is a bad alternator. The alternator is not charging the battery. The battery retains a small charge, but not enough charge to run the engine.

What is the cause for tail lights.parking lights and dash lights not to work when you have headlights and brake lights?

Most likely a fuse.

What causes a battery to loose charge on a 1998 polaris 300 explorer?

A dead cell in the battery or something is on, such as the headlights. A stuck relay will also cause this. More likely than not, the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing.

Why would the headlights of a 1988 Honda LXI be weak on dim and the bright lights only work on the right side?

A bad ground wire will cause dim headlights, or will cause lights not to work.

What does the battery do in a car?

if you leave any lights on in the car you may cause you a flat battery. if you leave any lights on in the car you may cause you a flat battery.

What would cause the engine to quit on a Ford F-150 when the headlights are turned on?

Perhaps the alternator is bad, and the lights bring the battery voltage down too far. You could also have a loose connection at the battery.

What will cause a battery to die over night?

A dead cell in the battery will cause it to loose it's charge overnight. The only fix is to replace the battery. Also if something is on drawing power from the battery it will run it down overnight. Look at all lights. Interior, under hood, trunk, give box, brake lights, etc. It can also be a stuck relay.

What would cause the headlights and interior lights to fade on your Chevy Venture?

If the engine isn't running, the battery is low. If the engine is running, the alternator probably has a problem. If you are wearing dark sunglasses, remove them and the lights will get brighter. good luck!

What would cause the battery to drain down on a 1997 Saturn SC?

leaving your lights on for a long period of time.. headlights or just playing the radio and leaving it play for a long time

Why do the dash radio and clock light dim when the head lights are turned on?

The headlights place a larger load on the battery and cause the voltage to drop enough to dim other devices slightly.

What would cause the headlights tail lights interior lights to stop working on a 86 caprice?

probably the fuse is blown.

Can corrosion on battery cause lights to dim?


What would cause the battery to not charge even when the alternator tests good on a 93 Mercury Cougar?

the battery could have a dead cell, this could cause it to not charge. Have the battery tested to be sure.

How easy is it to replace the contacts on the starter on a 1996 Caravan?

Turn on your headlights and try to sart the engine. If the lights go out the battery is probably bad. The contacts on the starter solonoid don't cause it to click.

What would cause dashboard and headlights to get bright and dim on 2005 dodge magnum?

A bad battery or faulty battery connection.

What would cause the car to keep running once ignition turned off if headlights were still on?

Headlights run off the battery not the ignition...

What would cause a battery not to take a charge?

Dead cell in battery, replace it.

Why does your car not start with a jump?

If you know it is the battery then try using a charger to charge the battery, make sure that you clean the battery connection terminals. If the battery will not take a charge from a charger then replace it, if a battery gets too dead it can't be revived. Also, have your alternator checked before driving if you didn't cause the problem with sitting or leaving the lights on etc.

What can cause a motorcycle battery to die overnight?

Dead cell in the battery or the ignition or lights were left on.

What would cause no headlights or interior lights and i suppose any other power to cut out but still turn over the motor?

a weak battery would most likely be the problem. if that doesnt work, have your alternator checked.

Why would your 1999 Geo Tracker head lights and dash lights blink?

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.