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You could need some work on your choke, need a new starter, or check the fuel pump. .

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Can Best friends end up turning into a relationship sometimes?

yes and sometimes it can be almost perfect cause they know you more and better than anybody else:)

Why are reptile muscles stronger then mammal muscles?

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Not really a question, but I would assume there was no other obvious cause of death and SID's is kind of a catch all if there is nothing else to show a cause of death. Sometimes babies just die.

What can cause your 2006 Ford Taurus to hesitate to start?

intermittent starting problems on ford taurus. sometimes starts within 3-4 revolutions, other times will crank over without starting.

Will a blown head gasket cause a car to have starting problems?

Yes, it can cause hard starting.

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Why does 04 neon's engine light come on and off and when its on the car has trouble accelerating and sometimes starting?

Have it checked for codes. The code should give an indication to the cause.

Does food cause this?


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Lack of magnesium in the body

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Can Vomiting cause headaches?


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yes it will catch fire if air is too hot.

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I think cause its supposed to