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What would cause a ford econoline E-150 van to start but not go into gear when the brake is depressed?

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Try the brake lamp fuse

2006-11-18 00:00:53
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2005 Durango brake lights not working?

Then fix them. Start by checking the bulbs - those are dual filament bulbs, and it's possible that the filament for the brake lights was compromised. If those check out, see if you have power to the brake light circuit with the brake pedal depressed by using a test light. If you don't have power, what I'd do next is find the relay and test that. Remove the relay, check for power at the 30 post - it should be hot constantly. Then check for power at the 86 post with the brake pedal depressed. If you have power at the 86 pole with the brake pedal depressed and at the 30 pole, then the problem is either the relay itself, or the wiring along the 87 circuit. If you don't have power at the 30 pole, check to see if there's a fuse specifically for the brake lights. If you don't have power at the 86 pole with the brake pedal depressed, the problem is somewhere between the brake pedal and the relay. I'd start with the brake light switch itself if that were the case. Should be located at the top of the brake pedal.

What does a yellow car light on the dashboard of a Toyota mean?

its a rear bulb failure indicator if it comes on when brake is first depressed it is a brake light bulb if it is on when you start the car it is a ride light or park light

What is HBA in a car?

Hydraulic brake assist- means the car wont roll back on a hill start, without the handbrake or brakes being operated, even with the clutch depressed

What would cause a 1990 Chev 305 truck to start to over-rev when the throttle has not been depressed?

A major vaccum leak.

Can a remote start alarm be installed on a manual car?

Yes, the clutch circuit must be bypassed so that when it is remote started the car thinks the clutch is depressed. Also there should be a neutral safety wire hooked up to the e-brake so the e-brake must be up in order for the remote start to initialize

Would ABS Sensor cause 1997 mercury mountaineer not to start?

No , ABS is the anti-lock brake system

Why do you keep blowing fuses for your brake lights?

Dead short to ground Try removing bulbs and checking sockets install a test light in place of fuse it will glow when brake pedal is depressed if short is present Hold brake pedal down or jump switch and start tracing wire to find bare wire etc.

If a 97 GMC truck headlights are supposed to come on when you start the truck why don't they anymore?

Theres a fuse, called DRL, if that's missing or blown, or if the parking brake is depressed a tiny bit, they wont come on.

How do you change the bulb on the brake light?

Well you narrowed it down to an electrical problem, get yourself a dmm and start chasing wires.I've also seen a bulb burn out and short causing the fuse to blow when the brake pedal is depressed. double check your fuse again and if its still good have at it with the digital multimeter.

How do you test the vacuum pump on a 1997 7.3 diesel?

easiest way to test vacuum pump is , with engine off, pump brake pedal until pedal goes hard keep pressure on brake pedal and start engine if vacuum pump is good, you will feel the brake pedal go softer so you don't have to use as much effort for pedal to be depressed

What happens when a brake caliper sticks 1999 Honda CR-V?

It can hold the brake pad against the rotor disc and cause premature failure and if it gets hot enough from friction, start a fire.

Why wont your 1988 ford econoline work van start?

Does it turn over?If so, check for fuel and spark

1987 ford econoline conversion van it has a 4.9 liter does that van have a fuel shut off switch as Im having hard time to start it the spark is good but it just wont start thanks and where is the fuel?

Where is the fuel reset button on a 1987 Ford econoline royal coach van?

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What will cause brake lights not to work or running lights do have turn signals?

A blown bulb. Check fuses and then start replacing the bulbs one by one.

Why is Kristen Stewart so depressed looking in Twilight?

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Your 94 econoline will not start It has gas and the pump works Evything turns over any ideas?


What does it mean when you depress brake pedal your lights go dim each time?

depress the brake pedal and turn the engine switch to the start posiiton and start the engine,,, Does this mean to hold the brake down until you hear the engine start.

Why does the brake light come on when engaging the clutch - it goes off as soon as I release the clutch. It doesn't come on when I brake...?

There is ( or should be ) a switch on your brake pedal lever that tells your brake lights to come on. Could this switch be incorrectly mounted on your clutch pedal instead? Do you have a switch on each pedal? If you do the one on your clutch is so the car won't start unless the clutch is depressed. It might have the wires reversed or the switches might both be mounted on the wrong pedal.

Why won't your Engine start unless gas peddle depressed?

IT wont start cause on most cars when you press the pedal down the injectors will not spray out any more fuel that's why if your car is flooded people say to push the pedal to the floor

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How do you check a clutch start switch?

Use a test light or a multi-meter to check for power going through the switch when it's depressed or for ohms depressed.

Does my brake pedal need to be depressed when starting 1996 Saturn?

No, but you will need to depress it to shift out of Park, Make sure your shifter is in either in Park or in Neutral if you are having difficulties starting your car. If it is a standard you may have to depress the clutch to start it. (not too sure)

When you turn on your left turn signal and you have to apply the breaks at the same time your right rear brake light goes out but the center brake light works?

AnswerIf this were my car, I would replace the brake light switch ( near the brake pedal ). This could be the problem and is about the cheapest thing to start with. Good luck.check the ground connection at the taillights a bad ground will cause this