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It is probably not your transmission. More than likely it is the timing chain, The timing chain is metal so it usually will not break. The guides wear down but once the oil pressure builds (in a few seconds) the grinding sound goes away. This is normal for an old (mileage) Nissan hardbody with the ka24e motor (2.389 ltr)

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Q: What would cause a grinding sound from the transmission of a 1994 FWD Nissan truck that only happens when it is cold It is fine when you warm the engine first?
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Will a 1984 Nissan 300zx engine and transmission bolt into the 1986 Nissan 300zx?

Yes it will

Where is the starter on a 92 Nissan 300zx?

bottom of engine, passenger side. where the engine meets the transmission.

Where is engine oil dipstick on Nissan xtrail tl?

inside the transmission

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE automatic transmission?

The speed sensor is in the engine compartment on a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE automatic transmission. It is on the back of the transmission.

Where are the bolts located for the starter on a 1991 Nissan Sentra?

Ususally 2 bolts go from the engine side to the transmission and one from the transmission to the engine.

Will a 1995 Nissan 240sx engine fit into a 1986 Nissan 200sx?

Yes it will fit in but it will not bolt up to transmission

Will an 87 Nissan pu with a 6cyl engine bolt on a 88 Nissan pu 4-cylinder transmission?


If my cavalier is making a grinding noise under the hood is it likely that it is the transmission if so what happened before the grinding noise there was no steering or hardly any brakes.?

engine problems not trans.

What happens if you put transmission fluid in engine?

Its going to tear up the engine

Where is the drain plug for a 99 Nissan Altima?

wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)... wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)...

What do you check on a Nissan Frontier when it is not firing?

You should check the battery,transmission, and maybe the engine

Where do you add transmission fluid in a 1990 Nissan Primera?

At the back of the engine there is a container you pour it into.

Where is the Torque converter of a Nissan Altima 2002 2.5s located?

Between the engine and transmission.

How do you put in transmission fluid into a Nissan primera?

There should be a container you pour it into in the engine bay.

Why is engine revving high but the transmission not engaging on Nissan Pathfinder?

It is possible that the transmission bands are out of adjustment. They are not able to engage because of the maladjustment.

What is the capacity in a 1987 Nissan pickup automatic transmission?

1987 NISSAN/DATSUN PICKUP 3.0L 6-cyl EngineCAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill2wd ..........7.4 quarts4wd ..........9.0 quarts 1987 NISSAN/DATSUN PICKUP 2.4L 4-cyl EngineCAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill..........7.4 quarts Hope This Helps.

Where is the transmission dipstick for an automatic 2001 Nissan Frontier?

Passenger side of engine near firewall.

Where is the automatic transmission fluid dipstick in a Nissan primera?

Somewhere around the gearbox in the engine bay.

Where is speed sensor Nissan Altima 2000?

behind the engine sensor at top of the back of the transmission

Where do you put the oil in a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

Which oil? Engine, transmission, power steering oil?

Does the engine oil of a Nissan sentra95 runs for its 5sp transmission too?

No the lubrication systems are separate. The manual transmission uses gear oil.

How much automatic transmission fluid does it take to fill a 2001 Nissan Frontier 4cyl to the proper level after replacing the filter?

your question is a bit ambiguous if you are talking about he engine oil filter it has nothing to do with the transmission do NOT put automatic transmission oil in the engine you will blow the engine

How much should it cost if I were to get a mechanic to change out the engine and transmission of a Nissan Stanza 1992 model?

about 1500

Where is the speed sensor located in a 2003 Nissan sentra 2.5l engine?

On top of the transmission, near the firewall

What are the main features of the Nissan 200SX?

The Nissan 200SX is offered in either a five speed manual transmission or a four speed automatic transmission. There are two version of the car and comes with either a twin-cam 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine, or a 2.0 liter engine.